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  • micheleajms micheleajms Jul 1, 2014 12:39 PM Flag

    ATHEC_99 Really ??? your played out now

    sometimes I drop in to see what you write, I even click your name and end up laughing, I was there from the beginning, these things you post are from 2011, heres a response to your recent post
    (NEW YORK, Nov. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- IntelliCell BioSciences, Inc. ("Company") (SVFC) announced today that it has been notified according to the FDA validation registration number 3009842420, that its new facility located at 460 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022 is now registered to recover, process, package, store, and label human cells and tissue products (HCT/P's) such as the IntelliCell autologous stromal vascular fraction cellular product. In the registration notification, FDA acknowledged that the IntelliCell process is to be covered under regulations for tissue products. The HCT/P regulations are described in 21 CFR section

    My Doctors office is beyond up to code, and he doesn't play games in keeping it that way, some people do know who you are, which actually does make your rants more entertaining.
    You will never "take him down" or whatever you are trying to do, didn't like you back then. You cant undo my new life with your disparaging words about him. You cant undo the amazing results of so many patients with your written temper tantrums, you were a bit interesting in the beginning, re why who etc. but now its ridiculous, why people even respond to you ,I don't know. Ill come back and check in a bit , to see maybe if you were able to find an old report card, re my Doctor from gradeschool, where he didn't dot an "I" or ran in the hallway, (new material) .because this is what this sounds like . you will not stop him with BS you cant attack MRI reports, fraction tests, weights on a leg press. Its time to move on . you are repetitive which means you have run out of stuff to rewrite. . you can spend your days attacking me if you please . I have children so Im used to temper rants . .

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    • Its your bunch that makes me laugh. The facility may be up to snuff for 'tissue processing', but not the rest of the FDA concerns. You think I'm all played out now? I haven't even started, so just keep right on dropping in - more 'laughs' sure to come! Ask Dr. LookGood about PRP's...and what was in your syringe, LMAO.
      Hey, these are your words: "some people do know who you are" - so, go ahead and tell everyone "who I am" then. You have my permission! Go on...ROFLMAO

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • One more thing and guess what this is a rewrite, I have 4 children, would I risk my life in someone who I didn't trust, would my husband allow it, NO, would I send people who I love to him If I didn't trust him , people with families NO. rant away I went to my sons travel baseball game Sunday,far away, first time , that far away, was in the sun for almost 6 hours, no ambulance was called and the back-up clothes stayed in the car . I walked on grass , one of the biggest enemies of a MS person. I could go on, about the others and their new life's, but I have things to do today, on this beautiful sunny hot day. Google that,

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