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  • fireretarder fireretarder Aug 24, 2004 3:41 PM Flag

    Battle for UFJ

    This whole battle for UFJ and MTF's shareprice reaction is really kind of humorous. There are alot of big institutionla traders yucking it up and trading constatntly on the news. Look... MTF is solid... period... should be priced above $10 w/out UFJ. Mind you... w/ UFJ it could potemtially be worth much more... but the dram is fun to watch... Mitsui's offer of a 1 to 1 per value share swap is VERY funny... sure... it MAY make UFJ reconsider... but.... that is VERY unlikely... AND if UFJ does reconsider... that may be an incredibly STUPID move for Mitsui... Mitsui is just doing this to force Mitsubishi into a worst deal with UFJ... frankly... I would laugh if Mitsubishi said... fine... you have the better offer... Mitsui... you can have UFJ... at an ultra inflated price... good for UFJ... bad for Mitsui... anyways... my advice (after my diatribe) to all those MTF holders out ther...hold... and buy more if it dips below $9.50 again... a bargain....

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    • It is an interesting battle, I looked at the charts for UFJ PPS history, that's also interesting, in 01 it hit 1,000K, it double bottomed at the end of 01 and again in early 02 at 100K, then it rose to 800K in April 04 only to drop back to 400K before the Buyout story, now it's at 535K.
      Mitsui's offer being a 23.3% premium to the Tues. price of 526K would be +/-648K per share, that's 20% less than it traded in April, whether it's worth it or not, the long term shareholders of UFJ may want a lot more than 650K, at these lofty prices and current conditions, the winner of this bidding war may get their wings clipped to the tune of +20% off their current PPS.
      Also interesting, if Mitsui considers UFJ a one for one, Why doesn't MTF just Buy Mitsui instead of UFJ and let UFJ quietly go under, it's heading that way over time anyway.