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  • dmbbestman dmbbestman Dec 26, 2013 1:31 AM Flag

    SA writher Scot Matusow analysis..

    His frustration is clearly showing.. as the SLTM takeover bid was much lower then he anticipated.. so he is making a case that ZLTQ's business AND stock price is now in trouble, given the new competition from VRX, and ZLTQ's high valuation, so the only option left for ZLTQ is to stop VRX of getting SLTM..
    Even saying non fact'l, like ZLTQ is still a long way from being profitable, when in fact loosing just .08 cents, beating the .19 cent loss analyst have anticipated AND when sales is growing so far 64% YOY, can by no means being very long from seeing a profit.

    By analyzing the real FACTS, every one can see that comparing ZLTQ to SLTM is apples to oranges..
    The most important different is that ZLTQ is ALREADY in a HIGE GROWTH MODE IN A HIGH GROWT MARKET, right now sales is exploding and MR. MARKET sees and loves and PAY's for growth, THEREFORE ZLTQ'S VALUATION is MUCH HIGER THEN SLTM where sales is DOWN 4% YOY,
    Now, no one knows WHEN or even IF.. VRX will start to push SLTM'S LipoSonic fad reduction ultrasound product, actually they got in the deal 2 laser skin treatment products which is more in line to VRX's product lines,

    Its worth a look at the non biased article from the fools, " 3 companies revolutionizing the cosmetics industry" saying, "That impressive top line growth suggests that it is quickly gaining ground on LipoSonic and other competing procedures"

    My take away, I will watch the numbers of both companies, there is room for both companies to grow in this huge market, ZLTQ is here to stay, and will soon surprise again with their impressive growth.


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