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  • topresearch27 topresearch27 Apr 30, 2014 10:31 AM Flag

    Their trade show demonstration widely considered a failure

    Love how they tout standing room only for their demonstration on the conference call. I was outside the room with a bunch of docs laughing at how absurd their new applicator is. Only the most desperate offices are buying this junk in my opinion. I have a short position in this stock. It's worth no more than maybe $50m at best.

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    • Why is the applicator so absurd? It should be pretty simple, right? all you have to do put a cold plate on the skin that draws all of the heat out.

      I think the stock is expensive, but I do know first hand that it works. I got the "wow" treatment... I recommending it to all of my guy friends. Now that they can do inner and outer thighs !?! Women are going to go nuts!

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      • It is absurd from the standpoint of running a successful office. The company touts big margins, but in their cult-like zealot fashion, they ignore the costs of training my employees, making them "brand ambassadors", the opportunity cost of my time dealign with other issues, and the high rate of discomfort and pain associated with the procedure. The doctors I know have a machine with dust starting to collect on it. Patients came in and tried it once never to come back again. We suspect that there are lots of paid shills that are getting compensated for touting this machine. There is no substitute for a healthy diet, and I would be skirting a fine ethical line if I were to tell patients that 'freezing off their fat' were an adequate substitute. Cell death is scary business, and I am also skeptical about the long term affects of fiddling with cellular and metabolic biology for the benefit of a nicer tummy at the beach. One must weigh the risks.

    • I'm already in and out of ZLTQ but if there's one stock that always rebounds, it's this one.

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