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  • aegeanmario aegeanmario Jun 9, 2008 10:46 AM Flag

    Alternative energy: The revolutionary green CWM

    Alternative Energy means energy used for fuel is divided in 2 categories of their original resources,the alternative energy from depleted resources such as coal, natural gas nuclear, peat and oil sand etc. and the other alternative energy from non-depleted resources which can be renewable such as solar, wind, biomass, hydro and hydrogen etc.

    CWM is a new alternate idea for the energy crisis and the constant rise at the oil prices.Some fundametals for this new green product of alternative energy are below

    Coal Water Mixture is a new kind of clean liquid fuel and a new member of the fuel family for the alternative energy.It includes coal (60-68%) as its main component and water(32-40%) as auxiliary components.It is ground and refined through special equipment and technics under the function of the chemical additives.It can flow evenly and stably.
    The characteristics of CWM are amazing compared with the traditional solid coal and fuel and they bring the social environmental protection benefit and enterprise economic benefit directly.

    1) The density is high,rheology is very good and it can be stored for a long-term without deposition.So it can be transmitted through pumps and burned with atomization similar to the fuel.

    2) it can replace the fuel completely in the industrial boiler,industrial kiln and the power station boiler.

    3) Specifically,its comprehensive economic cost is much lower than burning the fuel greatly.
    Its exhausted rate increased from 70-80% of the coal to more than 98%.The carbon percentage in slag reduced from 13.7% of the coal to less than 2%,Therefore,it fully represents the characteristics of environment protection and energy saving.
    The CWM has an obvious economic benefit and 2 tons CWM can be instead of one ton heavy oil. In comparison with petrol oil and natural gas, the combustion cost of CWM is the lowest cost than others base on equal heat value. The combustion efficiency rate of the CWM (98 %) is similar to the oil combustion efficiency rate.
    The combustion of CWM can save 30 % of coal than the coal directly combustion. The smoke, dust, SO2, NOx emissions of CWM all can meet or better than the national emission standards.

    4) The slime from coal mine can be also used as main raw material of the CWM in order to improve the mine environment. This means CWM is also produced from waste materials.

    5) CWM is transported and stored in tanks similar to the fuel which reduced the contamination of the solid coal during the transprotation and the storage areas.There is no danger in the storage and transportation because of its physical chemistry composition characteristics.

    6) Since its exhausted rate reaches more than 98%,the discharged slag is reduced significantly compared with the coal-burning boiler which also reduces the total cover area of the boiler house.

    7) Since it is burnt automantically in a liquid state within a system,the working environment and condition is greatly enhanced compared with the traditional coal fired boiler. It stops the smell of the lampblack basically in the boiler building due to the special CWM combustion technology.

    8) The coal reserves are abundant for the next 300 years (conservative estimate) based on the current mining technology.So the raw materials will remain much cheaper than the oil affecting dramatically the final price of CWM which will stay much cheaper than the oil/gas for the upcoming years.

    9) CWM researches and studies have been conducted in several countries, such as China, Italy, Russia, Australia and Japan.These countries have also established the required inexpensive infrastructure (piping transport system) for the use of this new fuel.

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    • An alternative energy stock with real revenues and profits at last!
      No more unprofitable stocks with market cap over $100$ and revenues the 1/10 of it, which will "turn to profits after 2015, the prospects are sooo great" ,as I often read in other boards by bullish dreamers!
      SCLX is producing CWM and is making money - NOW!

      • 1 Reply to sofiperi8
      • sofi, what SCLX misses is awareness. Nobody knows this new comapny and in addition nobody knows this new green product too.This product is not popular in USA yet. It will become known of course due to the rising oil prices during the next years.This is unquestionable and inevitable.

        SCLX has to retain an IR company first and then patience always rewards because the fundamentals are there to support the rise at the pps.

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