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    • You really ought to quit drinking, pal.
      That short must be really getting to you..

    • NJ, if you had several usernames would you make them all appear the same or would you try and mix them up a little to try and show they were all different?

    • xaunvest, sorry, I'm not on the Geo message board.

      Why did you abandon your friends on SCEI's board? They obviously miss you! And, some of us would like know what you have to say.

    • Interesting.

      So, why do you think anyone who has a criticism of scei gets labeled asianvest? Seems like it takes a lot of cognitive dissonance to get to that conclusion (which by the way, is incorrect).

    • <asianvest was really connected regarding SCEI>

      I know Asianvest and xaubugged is clearly no Asianvest. He's not nearly as informed. Xau is just more of a whiny wet blanket too scared to invest. Just hangs around warning others of the dangers of investing.

    • Anyways, the reason everyone h_a_t_e_s asianvest is because It, for a very long time, posted that SCEI was a fraud up to about a week before the Thornhill report was released. asianvest was/is clearly a PAID-BASHER. asianvest was really connected regarding SCEI. It knew information well in advance of ordinary posters here. Moreover, asianvest posted only on this SCEI Board and, at times, either claimed no (stock) position in SCEI or was short.

      To emphasize, just about every post asianvest made was about SCEI being a fraud. It, once or twice, posted on other companies (Yahoo) message boards, but just about every post was about SCEI on this Board. And, we know It has not left.

      Now that SCEI has been proven to be legitimate, asianvest has disappeared. And, the only reason for that is because Its' credibility is all gone. As in, no one will believe It anymore. So, we all know that asianvest is still here trying to scam. We just don't know which user name It is using. Yet.

    • alsense.....Personally, I believe that you are somehow related to Alfred Little. It has been shown that Al Little's group has an association with Las Vegas, Nevada. And, you're from Reno. It is not too far of a stretch that you might know and be helping this low-life group since you also (apparently) live in Nevada.

    • Yo xau, what's ur handle on the geo msg bd. Mine is Ali_Baba&40ids.

      See you there!


    • I wish asianvest would come out of retirement. I am also interested in what he posted that so upset the inmates who are the self-proclaimed gatekeepers for this board.

      BTW, alsense, I have followed these Chinese small caps for several years now and it is always the same pattern. Any person posting anything other than wildly bullish comments is immediately pounced upon. In cases where fraud is alleged by Muddy, Little and Geo the keepers of the faith always went ballistic. Most of the companies aggressively defended themselves and had big name auditors. Still, they were proven fraudulent. It just turns out fraud is pervasive in China. That's just the way business is done there and the authorities in China take care of their own. Investigators can no longer freely pull SAIC reports and regulators in China are strongly resisting allowing international oversight boards to inspect the quality of audits. It will take a very long time to clean up the China small cap space. Over time things will improve but the too good to be true growth and business scenarios will fade away into reality. That means valuations in this space will be under pressure for years to come. Not a pretty picture.

    • Thank you for just another example of you're ability to comprehend what you read..

      Again thank you. AH

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