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  • awktrc awktrc Jul 22, 2013 12:00 PM Flag

    Jim Sutter is a HUGE Tool

    Hey Sutter.....just how stupid and irresponsible are you? You're a HUGE problem for us longs. asianvest helped RAPE this Company and you're inviting her to have a discussion!!!!! Yes, she's a female you horse's #$%$. And, she lives Northeast of Philadelphia which puts her near Skippack, PA, where GeoInvesting is located.

    Let me remind you that sometime during early January 2012, a Chinese Court seized SCEI's Dongguan Plant and all of its' #$%$ets. Jon Carnes (aka Alfred Little) and GeoInvesting got wind of this by late January 2012 and SECRETLY started shorting this stock. asianvest posted on February 19, 2012 and her next post was on May 18, 2012. She went almost three-months without posting, and remember, every post since she signed-up on Yahoo's MB (I believe it was something like May 8, 2011) was on this SCEI message board. BTW, her May 8, 2011 sign-up was shortly after Carnes and GeoInvesting started their lying #$%$ault on this Company.

    Plus, asianvest claims that this is her only posting ID. I call #$%$ and shenanigans on lying asianvest. Do you really believe that she stopped posting (even using other IDs) on any other message board for three-months, when she posted and still posts here almost daily? Let me tell you about me. I have never eaten, drank any liquid, or slept in my entire life and I've never had a bodily functions. I also never learned how to read, write or type in the English language. Sutter, you're probably the only one here who would believe this nonsense that I just typed about myself. asainvest is a Carnes/GeoInvesting plant and a liar. Period.

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    • We don't normally post on boards but it was brought our attention that someone was mistakenly inferring that poster asianvest is an interested party to GeoInvesting. This is not the set the record straight we have no idea who asianvest is. We have not looked to these board for some time and not posted for an even longer period of time. In fact as we tried to log in our ID Geoteam1 account and it was canceled do to inactivity. We have reviewed the past few posts and would comment that we applaud the efforts of shareholders to assert their rights. Sadly we do not believe this will amount to any recovery but also believe this is a fight worth fighting. As far as poster awktrc goes...we feel your bitterness...misplaced as it is. I can assure you we are not criminals nor are we liars. In fact all we have said and done is born in truth in fact. If this was not the case we would be in very big trouble by now since we are not in China and beyond prosecution as your Mr. Ren is. We have meet with the SEC on past cases though they had no questions about can draw your own conclusions there. We have successfully defended Loebs lawsuit (this case being thrown out...from the bench) not Licker's best day. Even after being clear of this slap suit we continued to press forward with exposing Sino Clean until the job was finally done. This was a service to American investors. We are sorry you don't agree.

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      • I've been trying for a couple of days to post this. I REMOVED the Geo URL.

        Hey Look at the post (below) that I found from over two-years-ago. How did that work out for you? Two-years-later and Weinberg & Company is still their auditors. Plus, W&C even wrote a letter (less than a year-ago) regarding SCEI's (SEC financial filings) to the SEC defending SCEI. See the very last page of the 8-K filing (PDF format) dated 09/28/2012.

        You also contacted relevant PRC authorities. BTW, any reports of Ren's, or any BOD or other SCEI Officers arrests that you would like to share with us. How about the SEC not pursuing your claims against SCEI (which you posted in your first post here?)

        I am trusting asianbugged here since I don't know if this is true. Isn't Andrew Wong (of Alfred Little) in a Chinese prison? And, the Chinese have an arrest warrant for Carnes? I believe that this might be true for Carnes since he didn't attend a New York City function that he was invited to near the end of May 2013, for fear of arrest. Instead he appeared by video conference. I saw the Tweets about this, and that's why I believe it. Honest men don't have arrest warrants issued for them.

        lxolm2004 • Jul 11, 2011 12:11 PM

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        Well, in their May 5th letter to their members responding to the SCEI lawsuit, Geo said that they have given their evidence to SCEI's auditor (Weinberg and Co.). I'm very interested in what the auditor has to say about all this. It's been two months; he must be ready to weigh in soon with a defense of SCEI management, or with a resignation as their auditor.


        "We have also contacted relevant PRC authorities and will be supplying our evidence to SCEI’s auditor and relevant U.S. regulatory authorities."

      • hello geoinvesting,

        way to go on exposing that SCEI fraud. Mr. Ren should be brought to trial. Can you comment on ABAT? Would you say they are liars as well???

      • This is the Conclusion from A Motion to Dismiss the SCEI lawsuit against GeoInvesting that was made by Clay J. Pierce of Drinker Biddle and Reath, LLP on March 8, 2012.
        For all of the foregoing reasons, GeoInvesting respectfully requests the Court dismiss SCEI's Complaint against GeoInvesting, in its entirety, for lack of personal jurisdiction. IN THE ALTERNATIVE, GeoInvesting respectfully requests that the Court dismiss SCEI's claims for common law fraud and tortious interference with business relationships for failure to state a cause of action.

        and here is a Summary of the Courts Decision regarding this Motion:
        On May 9, 2011, the Company filed a complaint in the Supreme Court of the State of New York against Geoinvesting LLC, an individual calling himself “Alfred Little”, and unidentified persons acting with, for, or through them. The suit seeks, among other relief, $55 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages resulting from the defendants’ fraud, defamation, and tortuous interference with the Company’s business relationships. The Court dismissed the complaint against Geoinvesting LLC, primarily on jurisdictional grounds, and reserved judgment with regard to “Alfred Little”.

        Assume that someone is accused of murder in Pennsylvania but is being tried in New York. Well, this is a jurisdictional dismissal since only Pennsylvania has the right/authority to prosecute. Thus, it is a TECHNICAL DISMISSAL. All this says is that SCEI needs to file the lawsuit in Pennsylvania.

        However, read the words in the Conclusion part above after what I capitalized.....IN THE ALTERNATIVE,...

        If the Court dismissed the lawsuit for any of the reasons listed after this ALTERNATIVE, then the lawsuit would have been dismissed on merit, which it wasn't. So,, please don't come in here bragging that the Court exonerated you, which it clearly didn't.

      • id? I set up a Yahoo account for my wife probably 15 years ago and she never uses it and I just logged on to her account. So I find your inactivity argument highly suspect. Interesting that your fist comment was to clear-up that asainvest is not a party to geo. Really? Gald you guys at geo have all the time to read all the post here.

        As far as the NYSC case, it never made it to trial because it was dismissed on jurisdictional technicality with no evidence of fraud from geo or AL was never put forth or proven.

        Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what's going on here.

        Nice try AV...


        Sentiment: Buy

    • the same thing is going on over at abat. the short sellers also have their paid tools that intimidate shareholders and post false information.

    • Her not posting coincides almost exactly with the following:

      On March 1, 2012, SCEI issued a press release stating that Thornhill actually verified that their 2010 SEC financial filings exactly matched their 2010 Chinese tax filings (i.e., their SAT filings.) FYI, SAT is to China what the IRS is to the United States. And, on March 5, 2012, SCEI's share price was $3.45 per share, it's highest in a long-time and it looked like it would go even higher. However, the share price rapidly began sinking after this (on no more news), and, as you know, by May 21 2012, the NSADAQ halted SCEI at $1.02 per share. Now, compare this to asianvest's not posting dates above. Do you get it yet, Suttter, you ignoramus? She's networked with Carnes and (most likely) works for GeoInvesting and these are the very people who RAPED this Company. Again, Sutter, are you really this stupid?

      How about this. Weinberg and Company's (W&C) website was down for less than twenty-four-hours a few months-ago and she was right on top of that news. She posted something that implied they must be going-out of business. I immediately called W&C's Boca Raton, FL Office and said to a receptionist, "Do you know that your W&C website is down?" She said "No, but we did change our web hosting service provider yesterday." The receptionist then said, "I'll tell Bruce (Weinberg) when he gets in." And, shortly thereafter W&C's website was back online. Moreover, W&C also has a Los Angeles, CA Office website, and that one was active the whole time, which that idiot asianvest forgot to check since her net-workers didn't check the L.A. website before releasing Chicken-Little-asianvest on this message board.

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      • Next, why would she pay the PACER fees to get information on the Gary Redwen lawsuit if she has no more financial interest in SCEI, which she has repeatedly claimed? Yet, she does. WHY? Because she's networked with Carnes and GeoInvesting. It's the only answer that makes sense. Wouldn't her time and money be better spent doing research on the thousands of other stocks available for investment?

        Will the sceiowners group please stop posting what you are going to do regarding SCEI? I can't believe that your Attorney, (is it?) David Graff, is encouraging you to post your agenda and strategy on any public message board. Hey Sutter, I, as a U.S. citizen, wish that you were born about 100-years-ago in Japan, especially since you don't know how to keep secrets or your big mouth shut. Then, December 7, 1941, would be just another meaningless date in U.S. history, instead of a day that will live in infamy. And, there might not have been a war for my Father to fight-in then. So, that would have been a BIG positive.

        asianvest, make no mistake about this, you WILL BE leaving this Board. The very next time you post about Ren taking all our money and moving to Thailand, or SCEI becoming non-tradeable by 2014 for failure to renew their 2013 Nevada business license, or that SCEI is a financial fraud, I will be contacting Yahoo. You have none, zero, nata facts to support your FALSE AND DEFAMATORY statements here. Plus, these are fear-mongering and scare tactics with no basis in fact.

        Also, be sure to tell Carnes and GeoInvesting. that after SCEI hits again. I'm going to hire an investigator to find-out if there is any connection between you and them. If so, massive lawsuit to follow for the fraud you are attempting here. Now, like I stated before GFY, or better yet, GKY.

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