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  • wyo34 wyo34 Feb 1, 2013 12:59 PM Flag

    I had to call the Tampa Police Dept

    As the Toll Sales office blew up in a major riot over the last 3 days...Blue hairs and retirees going at each other when I opened a new phase of Toll's Playa Vista - I had 40 lots and 150 peeps wanting them and many offering 20% over ask....You can't please everyone...

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    • interesting that an inquiry sent to Toll Bro's IR dept on 2/2 to ask about the validity of this claim has gone unanswered for a week now

      I would think that if someone traded based on this "representative of the company's" "publicly disclosed information" then lost money and the claims turned out to be untrue, the company might have some liability

      if a number of "someones" traded based on that representation, one might think a class action suit could arise, mightn't one?

    • in fact, mr wyo, the only recent major article involving real estate in tampa is regarding the two buisnessmen with a dream of building a 36 floor condo project with retail on the ground floor dispite the fact that many similar projects have not materalized, including the planned but abandoned trump tower and a warning from other develpers, like debartolo, that the rental market is where to put development monies these days

      one might think that such a sales riot and smashing sell out of 40 lots in 3 days at 20% above asking price would merit at least some small mention in the local paper, would one not?

    • interesting....I see no such riot on the tampa police log or in the tampa news

      wyo wouldn't be one to exagerate, would he?

      ya know, when I worked for the top ten builder, the employee handbook didn't forbid employees from posting on the message boards about the company, but it did come with a letter from the CEO asking that we all refrain......I suppose there could be many practical reasons for such a request....keep any possible disgruntled employees from airing dirty laundry, or reduce the chances of well meaning over zealous employees from posting misleading information where share holders could find it and act on that information thinking the employee is an authorized source of official company information

      it's not my business what anyone posts on the message boards, but I would suggest checking with proper channels within the company regarding any possible liability involving employee posts on the stock market message boards

    • It was not funny. My poor Aunt Florence was there. During the stampede poor aunt Flo
      was knocked over and lost her upper dentures which she just had fitted. Some jerk picked
      them up and threw them into the small pond. Aunt Flo went in after them and almost
      drowned. Even worse, as she was yelling for help people were throwing stones at
      her and one hit her in the eye and knocked out her glass eye. As she was being
      carted away by the EMT's the Toll guy said to her "hey, I'll keep an eye out for you"

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