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  • hushaa hushaa Apr 1, 1999 11:57 PM Flag

    Looks like an interesting stock. eom


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    • Everyone has been waiting with bated breath for your latest predictions. Thank you for your carefully thought out analysis and insight, it is truly appreciated.

    • Gonna go a lot higher boys , either jump in or get out the way~!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • My friend, you have just learned the hard way never to place a market order for an otc stock.

    • :):)

    • Mikey I took a second look at your experience. I
      am guilty of reading it too quickly the first time.
      I thought you wanted to pay 6 cents not .6 of one
      cent. While you made a terrible mistake in placing a
      market order, I agree you were robbed. I believe E-Trade
      has a responsibility to its customers to see to it
      that they do not get fleeced. You certainly got, not
      only the shaft, but the entire mine. I believe you
      have a reasonable cause to file a complaint with the
      SEC. I wish you the best of luck. player

    • One other thought, that is don't try and Beat the
      Street and try and get rich quick. Once in awhile
      someone will be LUCKY with one of these penny stocks but
      most of the time, all you will be doing is
      accumulating a tax losses. About a year and a half ago my wife
      bought 25 shares of IBM which next week will split
      (again), she will have 100 shares and her initial
      investment is up 250%. You can do very well without chasing
      rainbows and instead concentrate on quality. Yes, I am an
      investor in FDHG and I view my osition in FDHG as my
      "penny stock" (i.e. a gamble). Anyway, it has worked for
      me, I have (significantly) beaten the DJIA and the
      S&P during the past several years and have primarily
      concentrated on QUALITY not "get rich quick" situations.

    • Mikey unfortunately you learned an expensive
      lesson. I do not believe you have a leg to stand on. When
      you place a market order, you place yourself at the
      mercy of the market makers. They could have clipped you
      for more than they did. The offer E-Trade was showing
      can be changed in an instant or it may be for 1000
      shares only. They could have filled you at 9 or 10 cents
      if they wanted to. Never place a market order on a
      thinly traded stock or a penny stock. Something that
      most folks dont know is that you can get clipped by
      discount brokers even if you place a market order on NYSE
      stocks. They place the order with exchanges other than NY
      (Pacific or Boston). The market price there can be
      different from the NYSE or composite price you are looking
      at on the screen. Consequently, you can get beaten
      out of a 1/4 point, or sometimes, if you place a
      limit price, have nothing done, because orders placed
      on the NYSE are leap frogging yours. Your mistake is
      a common one. We all usually learn the hard way,
      myself included. Good luck, and stay away from those
      market orders in the future. player

    • I have an E*Trade account and have been trading
      for a few months now,
      mostly OTC stocks. Well this
      morning (05/18/99) I was trying to buy a OTC: CNOP
      .006 per share. That was the price in the "real-time"
      section of
      E*Trade's web site, so I first submitted a
      "buy" order for 38,000 at a
      limit price of .005 and
      waited for it to come down to that price and
      when it
      didn't after a short while I changed the order to a
      "market" buy
      of at what I assumed would be at .006 and
      the order from E*Trade said
      that the estimate
      price of the order would cost $247.95 and I
      to make the buy. Well when the sale was "executed"
      it was for 38,000 @
      .08 totaling more than
      $3000.00....monies that were not even in my
      account. And all this
      time the data from E*Trade was still showing
      I realize it's a OTC BB stock, but it could not
      possibly go up to that
      on my order. I've contacted
      E*Trade about this and they say there is
      nothing they
      can do for me, so after that I sold it to see if this
      straighten it self out somehow. Anyway E*Trade says the
      Market Makers
      made the trade through them at .08. If
      you check my account there you
      would see that I
      would not have made such a buy, especially with
      I don't even have in my account and there have been
      other trades just
      over my limit and been denied
      because of "insufficient funds". This has
      turned out
      to be a nightmare for me since I now owe $1500 they
      I feel that this a case of gross misrepresentation
      . There will a investigation
      with the help of
      the NASD. I plan to also talk to the media and hire a
      Is there anything anybody can suggest or do for
      me? Thanks in advance.

    • The volume seems to have dried up but the MarketMakers are bidding for more shares than they are well to offer which has to be encouranging sign. Maybe the stock is ready for another ride UP

    • Funny what works for some people. Ran across this
      site and actually have scored 4 out of 5 times. If your
      interested here is the address.

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