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  • BreakerBreaker19er BreakerBreaker19er Apr 27, 1999 12:24 PM Flag


    s company had something going, but maybe it is buy at 18 and sell at 24.

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    • IGL folks, mark Nov. of 99 in your important date book. WTO,....need I say more?

    • You're reading the wrong newsletter. Try
      Fertilizer Markets if you're a long-term player in the ag
      industry. It has all the prices you want. Much better
      analysis and cash swap index bids and offers based on FOB
      Tampa DAP for months ahead. The latter indicates what
      traders, producers and other interests believe DAP (and
      other fert products) will be worth in coming

      It's not available in GM. Furthermore, the swaps are
      settled under a formula based on three publications'
      prices. GM is NOT one of them. FM is. (the other two pubs
      used in the cash/swap index) are European. They are
      the pubs the people in the industry take seriously.
      Other pubs just seem to print whay one or two traders
      think the prices are.

    • Yes, in my neighborhood, thousands of shares
      makes you a big investor. I too have a fairly large
      investment in IGL, and have been fairly please with the
      turnaround in stock price lately.

      Not satisfied, just
      pleased compared to the 52-week low.

      As for DAP
      and potash prices, I too would like to see some data
      other than Green Markets. Seems like prices have been
      flat for years--sure would be nice to see a jump eh?

    • Saw the following reportedly from DB: "reiterate buy, target 31, positive news from India and China". Anyone have any comments? Any "real" good news from China?

    • Thanks That was a start but I would like current information. The answer to your question depends on yoour definition of big is. Is 5 figures (shares) big?


      This site has prices for DAP and Potash for 1995 and
      Apparently those were good times.

      Are you a
      biginvester in IGL?

    • As a new invester in this stock, I'd like to know a good web site for selling prices of DAP and Potash as well as the purchased raw materils like sulfur and ammonia.

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    • On Friday CNBC (PowerLunch) answers e-mail and
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      about PLP. If everybody who post or reads this board
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      address is If anybody has any ideas
      on how
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      information will be very helpful.

    • AJ, please describe to me the technique you
      stated that you use (support/resistence, volume
      indicators). I would be interested in learning this technique
      and following it. Maybe it will help me with
      Signed, AgUser.
      Many Thanks in Advance

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