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  • yahoo yahoo May 7, 2005 4:23 PM Flag

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    • oh where oh where will ntap close today? the closer to 22.50 the better. now, back to my favorite poster. i have good news! the "modern era" according to your very own definition, began in 1890! check it out!

      <<By the late 1890s a few predominantly white schools had begun recruiting black players such as George Jewett at the University of Michigan in 1890 and George Glippin at the University of Nebraska in 1892. Throughout the 1890s several blacks earned spots on predominantly white football teams.

      gooo modern era!

      gooo teeths!

      gooo "storeage"?

    • Hey dumbazz, why don't you just answer FLEWS three questions or admit your a liar and get it over with???

      You and SLIME always change the subject when you get cornered ... I wonder why? - LOSER!!!


    • <<no balls, huh? darn, you mean you'll be gone?

      yeah, i got big balls. how about you? still afraid to address my questions? don't worry, i'll only be gone until next options expiration when i gather my peanuts.

      <<Also, Prentice Gautt, a blackman of courage and character, played for Wilkinson, numbnuts

      so? i never claimed no "blackmen" played in the 40s or 50s. that's not the point. your definition of "modern era" was based on racial integration - having a handful of non-whites hardly could be considered "integrated". furthermore, your OWN CLAIM is that switzer was one of the leaders of racial integration, and he wasn't a coach for a generation after wilkinson. you get the difference, wild 'modern era' willie?

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