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  • lawwman719 lawwman719 Apr 13, 2007 7:05 AM Flag

    Price Upgrade

    Merrill Lynch reiterates a "buy", and raises price target to $49!!

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    • lawman
      the battle of the analysts huh.
      anyone who sold on recent downgrade or buys on this upgrade
      just doesnt have a clue
      most of these analysts arent worth a tinkers damn.
      they r just talking heads.this board has contributors more astute than any of these so called experts.
      others can take the anylysts
      me ill take the board.
      good investing

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      • Re to:dreiser
        "most of these analysts arent worth a tinkers damn."

        You got it right.

        So many talkers, like fund managers and such have talked on and on on TV that large cap was going to do a sector rotation with small cap. Small cap is dead, large cap is the place to be. Well!

        I'm waiting, been waiting for at least 5 years. (not really)

        Year to date, my small cap fund in my 401-K is +6.1% or annulized rate of +21.4%.

        Dow +1.2% or annualized +4.2%.

        Let's see 4.2% vs 21.4%. Hummmmm!!

        However, I do not follow their advice. I do my own homework.

        And by the way, my mid cap and my international are even better than the small cap so far this year. Maybe those analysts own CAT. It is only down -14% in one year. Maybe they balance that out with GE which is up +4%. And then there is Buffett, his BRK.A averaged just over 6% per year for the last 3 years. Wait, he is positve almost 1% this year. The king of stock picking. Oh well.

        Anyway, MMP is doing just fine for me. Along with my other 5 MLP's.

        Have a nice weekend.

        Big snow expected in central NY. Wheeee, Spring is here.


      • I have owned this stock long before it was followed by anyone. It has done very well for me and I dont see that changing. Merrill does have a good handle on it from a research standpoint so I thought I would pass it along to the rest of the board!!

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