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Hoover's Inc. (HOOV) Message Board

  • rock12077 rock12077 Dec 5, 2002 11:52 PM Flag

    Vote NO to this acquisition!

    i think that the price offered is definitely to low, i think that HOOV should be worth at least $10 a share, of course this is my opinion, i rather hold the stock and see the company execute on their plan rather than give it up for $7. I think D&B sees something that has been known for a while, hoov is doing a great job of cutting costs and turning a profit albeit a small one but nonethe less a profit. The company has no debt and is doing a great job amist a down market ie financial information is not in much demand these days. Hoov has done a great job in singing new deals lately and D&B wants to buy them cheap as their buisness is improving. I will vote NO on my 7800 shares and hope that some larger holders will do the same. What is the worse that could happen? We get a better offer? or better yet D&B decides to leave the company alone, which if the case i think will trade a great deal higher on its own in the next several quarters. I am looking for some support amongst us smaller holders to vote NO on this proposal and hopefully we will be left alone.