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  • rock12077 rock12077 Dec 11, 2002 5:16 PM Flag

    i think that D&B

    is trying to buy a great product cheap, plain and simple. If we the shareholders let this happen, well then it is our fault. I think Gabelli is right this time, although i dont agree with him about 33 bucks in a couple of years i surely believe 12 to 15 is possible, you dont sell a company when you have executed a turnaround in a bear market, especially with next years number looking better. I say let make D&B pay more or tell them to go F%$&*( themselves, if we are patient this stock will move above 10 in the next 2 quarters.

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    • i apoligize, i thought it was Gabelli, no difference except i havent ever followed him, i think that it is imperative to convince not the average shareholder but The larger holder like AOL and Media General which respectavely own 15% and 17% of HOOV. If we can just help this out by voting no to this low buyout then at least we have a shot but to do nothing is a shame. I own this stock at $14, i have held it through there rough time, but i feel now that they are finally turning the corner here comes along someone to pull out the carpet from under them, ie me never getting back to $14. PS. i really didnt think it would get back to $14 but i did think $10 or $11 was reasonable.

    • just a correction - the individual representing 9% of HOOV's outstanding shares is Mario Cibelli, not Mario Gabelli. Cibelli, however, is an up and coming fund manager who seems determined to ensure that HOOV, if sold, is sold at a fair price.