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  • valuemonster_jurel valuemonster_jurel Jan 7, 2003 1:48 PM Flag

    In the most recent Barrons p.29........

    "The new Chairman has dollars to invest, but is very frugal with them. D&B expense control is fanatical these days. They don't squander dollars."

    -- No kidding! HOOV at this value/valuation (IMHO) is a steal for them.....Good luck to all.....

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    • another 51.3/15.4=$3.33/share
      If the DB deal is $110m in cash, then it costs DB only $110 - $30 (HOOv's cash) - $50 (tax savings = $20 or approx. $1.30/share, give and take to acquire. This is a good deal to DB, not to us, HOOV shareholders.

      This has not taken into consideration of HOOV's earnings growth. Please see today's news and the upcoming proxy.

      How can HOOV management, BOD agree to this kind of deal? I am going to vote NO to the pending deal.

      Even though it is a waste to pay the breakup fee, but we need to auction HOOV or stay as an independent company. I suggest that we the shareholders ask management and the BOD and SG Cowen to pay us back the breakup fee!

      Please vote NO!

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      • Well said (IMHO). The shame (IMO) is that D&B could have gotten HOOV without lawsuits and acrimony by just being a little more forthright. Yes, that would have entailed a slightly higher price, but it will be 'shame on us' if D&B pulls it off at the current lowball offer. Agree with you 110% on who should pay the $5.7M + $1M break-up fee.

        I noticed that in the proxy someone posted on the board, that a non-vote counted the same as a 'NO' vote. Why get the personalities involved? I just have the strong feeling that my proxy got lost in the mail (and even if it didn't it would still be lost in the mail)......Good luck to all....