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  • mawsii1 mawsii1 Nov 29, 2008 4:29 PM Flag


    why do you post such non sense. the co did 500 million this qr, they have 461 million in cash. Long term debt was reduced, still made money, wrote off all of the goodwill in the first qr. They are managing very well, book is over 13 per share. This is a steal, the only reason its dropped is vanguard sold 700K of shares. This will start moving up monday and then keep going. Follow the $ Ford and GM have tripled from the lows one week ago. Hertz doubled and avis doubled. Its DTG turn.

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    • Vanguard also sold a ton of shares of CAR (Avis), almost 3.3 million shares!

      Slow but steady upward from here.

    • Not sure why this one seems to lag. Comparing the balance sheets, the Dollar's is far superior to those of the CAR-Crash and Hurtz. The only wart I can find is the exposure to Chrysler and if you assume a 90% probability of that being written off, it still only equates to about 12%-15% of shareholders equity. The big problem is if they write down the car inventory in light of current conditions in the used car market.

      The nice thing about the Dollar in comparison to the other two guys is that the Dollar still has a positive tangible net worth.