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  • majikline64 majikline64 Feb 5, 2014 10:47 AM Flag

    What the Hell is happening with this stock?!?

    Did they announce bankruptcy somewhere? I didn't think the quarter was bad enough to cause this slaughter.

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    • I agree, earnings not bad, so I don't understand it either. there are not many posts on this board, good thing as some boards are full of spammers. The fact other pet product retailers are getting into pet medication sales may have spooked investors. PetMeds is still the largest and I believe on-line sales will continue to grow. BTW, I bought in after earnings posted when it dropped 8% thinking it was a dip, but didn't realize it was going to continue selling off all the way down to the 52 wk low, so I am underwater right now. The dividend helps.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Don't worry. Wall Street was just disheartened by the lack of top-line growth. Nevertheless, the bottom-line earnings were better than last year's for the same quarter, meaning that the large dividend is safe. Over time this stock will get its feet back under it and recover.

        This whole month has been bad for almost every stock in the entire market. This is actually a blessing; the 4% dividend is now a 5.3% dividend. You're getting a company that was valued at $325mm for $250mm and a heftier dividend to match... All while this debt-free company continue to add to its pile of cash. I believe this company is an example of how WISE and PATIENT investors beat the market without adding on too much risk.

      • I agree. I don't see how the quarters results could have slaughtered this stock. I guess a combination of the miss and outside variables affecting the economy. I bought in at $14.85. I really like the company and think it will come back up and therefore I think I am going to pick up a few more shares tomorrow before ex-div. What do you guys think of a buyout from Petsmart or another retailer down the road. Just crossed my mind. Lets keep our fingers crossed for upward movement!!

      • I think it will rebound

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