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  • loylue loylue Nov 23, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

    WOW...Newcomer beware---

    I think I have walked into a hornet's nest or a betting parlor with all this commotion. I have been doing some research and find this stock quite cheap although I realize that doesn't always mean future success. I have traded in maybe a half-dozen stocks or so in Israel yet with operations extended thru out the world and as a general rule despite their fundamentals they tend to lag a bit compared to their American counterparts. Maybe the constant mid-Easts wars or whatever but even with that the case this stock is quite appealing. If I may ask " Is the info released from the company quite colored or is it basically sound, even conservative in their estimates, etc., Does the company feed you guys adequate updates so you are not caught unaware with certain developments? I buy in pretty generous portions and so does the small float pretty much limit good sized buys in their trading patterns? TIA to anybody who is kind enough to respond and let me add that the ignore button is my favorite weapon for those who simply post to instigate a quarrel.

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    • Hello loylue,

      The issue of company communications is quite pertinent, and, unfortunately, communications is an issue.

      For instance, the company gave no warning that it might lose the Simple Mobile contract last year.

      The issue of the company's communications has been discussed in detail on an external blog (Google for EngineeredReality and MTSL.)



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      • Thanks paja...That is always one of the big drawbacks of a small float, it can make you wealthy or break your heart all in mini-seconds it seems. Your comment is both honest and appreciated because that element is important to me. I will watch the breakdown in the trading sessions as to what kind of size is put up in the Bid/Ask and how it is handled at the trading desk. To me it is just as important to be able to get out with ease as it is to get in without disturbing the marketplace too much. Best to you..LB

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