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    Poppabear1717, CNN reports today 1/3 of all phone users in Latin America using Tim Phone services.

    I was anticipating these types of numbers and they can only go up from here. This is an incredible opportunity but I am reluctant to even post about it as I am in the red but plan to accumulate many more shares over time. The shorts are playing with fire and since they were given insider info on the audit and went overboard They have dug themselves a grave. Let them short is my philosophy because it is apparent that they are unwilling to surrender. For this reason, I advise a slow accumulation for any shareholder thinking of taking a large position. The shorts need to be squeezed out and not scared out. This is to our benefit and we're the beneficiaries to the games that they already begun. I had to laugh by the ridiculous Enron comment brissbnne made. It seems anytime someone makes a comparison to Enron on any message board, there is a group of shorts stuck short. Last time I checked when Enron was in business, they did not have a third of Latin America or North America or even any single country usung their products or services. Tim is a giant and only will grow. With the world cup and Olympics coming to Brazil and Brazilian equities going out of favor with investors for the first time in a few years, now is the time to begin accumulation. Like I said, I should not even be posting this and I think it is better off keeping Tim a secret to the North American readers and investors.... Most of whom do not know Tim from a whole in the wall. Just look at this message board. it may be we are the only two contributors as of late Poppabear. Of course, brissbone is not a%

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