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  • retiredexaon retiredexaon Oct 23, 2011 10:15 AM Flag


    This is insane, Aon has come up with a new employee engagement program called PASSITON, where footballs from Manchester United - don't ask why a football ... are traveling the world to various Aon offices to engage the about 60,000 employees (guess we found another 1,000) and do something to engage them to provide distinctive client service. WTF??? Footballs to make employees work better? How about secure working conditions, backing of management, superior IT infrastructure, driving out FEAR (of being workforce reduced) and so on and so on. ANOTHER RAH RAH RAH GO GREG, GO GREG program. Let's put up posters too in the offices like Aon did when the signed the stupid Manchester United deal.

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    • If you want a laugher, check out their promo video on YouTube.

      Commentary withheld regarding Aon's "commitment" to their clients and employees.

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      • My former manager from the IT department (when there was something called IT at Aon) perfectly summed this program up. Didn't we call it "pass a hot potato?"


        Actually, whoever is caught holding the ball when TIME IS UP gets a "Workfahrce Reduchsion" letter and swift kick in butt too.

      • OMG - what a hoot, the only good thing is that they kept it as a series of out-takes which makes it real but the entire concept is just BRAIN DEAD. I can see these hundreds of Aon colleagues running around an office with the PASS IT ON ball, having games and tossing it to each other all the while on their cell phones calling clients, providing DISTINCTIVE CLIENT SERVICE and singing old IBM chants to the wisdom of Porky. This is a farce of the first magnitude.

        PROFESSIONALS do not need this crap. People who are good at their jobs do not need to be motivated. Good stays, and those who are BAD get fired. Oh, wait, this is Aon. Good can be fired at anytime too, RIFs are common. BUT good producers (and I know them) would smirk and laugh at this one.

        Great video though.

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