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  • retiredexaon retiredexaon Jan 7, 2012 9:04 AM Flag

    Aon brand will disappear in 2012?

    I would refrain from calling employees "lazy" for many that I know are extremely motivated to their jobs. McKinsey management has screwed them totally. Example: Aon India could not get renewal certificates on-time and CSC has hosed the network so none can do their jobs effectively.

    McKinsey management, outsourcing and cost cutting plus passing a stupid ball around the offices can be blamed.

    Not the workers.

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    • Agreed that the main line employees aren't lazy.

      Maybe they should rebrand Aon as McKinsey Outsourced Insurance Brokerage. Their motto could be "our outsourced service is the best". Aon managemebnt = one big cluster fark.

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      • When "jobvent-dot-com" existed as a reliable website, there was an employee who JUST obtained a job at Aon in the midwest. He quit after a few months due to the horrid management style and a totally inadequate IT infrastructure that made his job totally impossible. Go figure? GO GREG!!! Yeah, build that shareholder value.

        Call employee(s) LAZY? Don't think so.

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