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  • strum_this strum_this Feb 23, 2011 11:25 AM Flag

    24% dividend increase

    Tells me that the market already knew this dividend increase was in the bag. I suspected an increase and I know dirt, so the smart money I'm sure knew.

    Also, it would be down A LOT more than if the increase had not been announced. Remember that we've come very far, very fast in this stock. Especially considering the industry - not exactly a high-flying tech stock here.

    I'm pleased with the announcement and bought back a few of the shares I sold higher the other day. The P/E may be in the stratosphere but I'll take the now 6% yield.

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    • Strum.. as you know the "problem" is that what takes months to gain can be wiped out in weeks sometimes days.
      It very seldom works the other way. I think that is what we are facing here.

      I see another triple digit loss by days end and another triple digit loss on Friday going into the weekend.

      Fundamentals/announcements and the like mean nothing as it relates to the share price during times like this.

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      • Indeed. This is one way that buying opportunities in individual stocks are created. Not calling a bottom here (the market has taught me humility if nothing else) but just saying that I'm glad to own a bit more of this company at the "new" 6% yield today.

        At 4% there were much better opportunities. Like DEP. My DEP is up 25% today and I've never sold a share (it's in a DRIP). Sorry, had to brag a little :-)

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