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  • saltynacho saltynacho Feb 12, 2008 10:39 AM Flag

    selling a mall ?

    Hey Trash Man - Semi-Mixed message you're sending associated with this RUMOR............

    "Not a fire sale....... but @ the right price."

    "Cut loosing positions and move on......"

    IF SPG thought a particular piece of property was a "loosing position", then why wouldn't they place an attractive price on it?


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    • salty
      i don't see it as mixed. they have a well deserved reputation for ENDing a position they don't view as profitable. see toll brothers. and 11 million loss
      they have not paniced in attempting to sell Century III mall( rumor, but i believe its true) . this is not a fire sale , if you meet their price they unload it. )
      with toll brothers they got out of their option.
      i understand a lot of the posts on here are garbage, not mine.
      i've made a great deal of money on this REIT and planning on making a great deal more. i take large positions over time so i have to do research not blow with the wind .
      the whole board only has about 5 posters who have any idea of the company.

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