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  • pimpwalkin_obama pimpwalkin_obama Nov 4, 2010 11:25 AM Flag

    brain_decay: Hilarious theory about "rural" Nevadans

    Yeah, right. Rural Nevadans are dumb and people in Las Vegas are smart. What do you suppose is the average IQ of the SEIU membership? Or the minority population in LV? (Please spare me the "racist" rants. Facts are facts.)

    Let`s see...LV depends on tourism. SEIU supports a senator who not only is a stooge for the casinos; he`s a stooge for the POTUS who tells people NOT to go to Las Vegas. So SEIU people get laid off by the thousands but STILL support the party whose leader tells people NOT to go Las Vegas.

    How intelligent is THAT? Sounds pretty effin stupid to me. In fact, I don`t know of any country rube who would be that dumb.

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    • Wow...

      Stating the obvious that farm and ranch communities are not likely to hold higher degrees than metro business areas seems pretty basic.

      This should make sense even to you Trans Am driving trailer dwellers.

      Now I understand the only newspaper you've ever seen is in the cage of your parakeet, but we were ranked #1 in growth for the entire nation for 8 out of the last 20 years.

      Las Vegas is the nation's poster child for boom times and easy money for decades here.

      And Harry Reid has been our senator the entire time.

      I understand though... you are uneducated, and uninformed. That's fine. I'm trying to inform you now.

    • I just read an article stating that the Hispanic vote went for Reid 90%-to-8%. And 40% of the 90% were non-English speaking.

      I wonder how many masters degrees and doctorates were among that 40%? I wonder how many were citizens of the US.

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