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  • gutsgunzngod gutsgunzngod Sep 7, 2011 11:02 AM Flag


    In this sector I hold positions in 4 companies and have done well long except for S&W. With almost 20,000 shares on the line I am thinking about halfing that or more TODAY, if at all possible. It will be before 1:00 PM EST.
    Holding about the same in RGR and 2 other companies in the sector has kept me holding on.
    I wanted to hold untill Jan., 2012 but with the loss I've been hit with... I didn't buy in anywhere where S&W is today. Feeling like I should have gotten out at $4.20 early in the year.
    Clear thought comments welcome. Please not "I love my S&W's, great product". I love my 70's & 80's S&W's too. And the US isn't going to replace the 92 anytime soon, just look at the M4 story. It will be 8 to 10 years out. Our government can't get two things done in one year. We have elections coming, healthcare, unemployment and so much more.
    Haven't we waited long enough. Would you advise your adult child to invest in S&W NOW. I won't!

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    • Investments have to be made with the head and not the heart. What does your gut tell you? I think the world economy has to guide investments now. Many expect the guide post of the last 20 years to remain in place. I think it is a new game and the past will never return in my lifetime. I am out of the market, but watching. If I were you I might watch closely for the short term and get out under the best circumstances possible. Most of the people who have money have bought their guns over the last few years. A study released a few weeks ago showed that 50% of the households in this country could not raise $2000 in 30 days if in an emergency. Where will they get they money for a $500 gun? Why should they when they can only afford a $10 can of pepper spray? Every business has cycles. I own and shoot Smiths, but always hit gunshops looking for old Colts so I get to talk to the dealers over a few states here in the midwest/old industrial heartland. A year ago they were selling everything they could get their hands on. Now, way more are looking than buying because the people coming in just can't afford it. Everyone is scared and sees what is coming, so there may be a panic buy which could raise the stock price, but it will be temporary. I could be wrong, but only because people might be worse off than I realize. Thhere could also be a panic selloff of stocks. This market is in no way stable and many consider it oversold and some bigger fish than me have gotten out. You can only make the best decision you can and if it goes against you, know that you did the best you could.
      Good luck to you!

    • Sell, as soon as you can, my kids want your shares.

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