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  • jakesteedlowcash jakesteedlowcash Dec 7, 2012 2:22 PM Flag

    Future Gun Sales

    Future gun sales declining,Blah Rasberries! I buy firearms on a regular basis. Usually I buy what the gun dealers have in stock. I only ordered guns a handful of times because I hate to wait. I'm sure I'm not alone. When production increases and guns are more readily available, guess what, Sales will increase. The world is changing, This is only the beginning, Gun Sales will continue, not because of Obama, but because people are scared of where our society is going and want to protect themselves and their families. Strong Buy,,,, This is Pure MM

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    • Gun sales are not slowing anytime soon. No such thing as owning too many guns.

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    • You got that right. People are beginning to worry about protecting themselves in their homes. Two weeks ago I got a call from a lady friend who, up until then, had never, ever thought of purchasing a gun. She asked me what my opinion was on the best gun for her for home protection. I couldn't believe she was asking. There are probably a few million people like her who will become gun buyers.

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      • What is pathetic about this sell off is the fact its not warranted. If your long, add to your position for sure. If you have not taking a position, great entry point. The QTR was good, outlook was raised, & most importantly... they are going to buy back 20 mil. dollars in stock. Keep this in mind, companies only buy back stock & or pay dividens if one,, they have hoards of cash to spend, two if they see that the long term outlook is very good for the company. Because one thing a company will not do if they see any problems on the horizon(the business environment) is spend cash & certainly not spend 20 million for there own stock. And these cracker jack people that call themselves analyst's are even more pathetic. This compamy has continuesly fired on all cylinders & offers a product in high demand. This will continue. Longs, all I can say is add add add..

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    • They keep spouting off slowing gun sales every great qtr and future higher guidances because that is the only thing these crooks have left in their bags. The only reason we have climbed so high so fast is that a year and a half ago we removed that idiot CEO Golden and replaced him with a great CEO named Debney, who has turned this thing around in swift fashion.

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