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  • mckee52557 mckee52557 Jan 11, 2013 10:13 AM Flag

    The issue is not firearms but, how does a person turn out to be a monster and a killer of children!

    Sheep run with the flock, till they are eaten by wolves!
    People won't standup and take responsibility for themselves or their children.

    As parents it's your job to get help for your disturbed child or a child whom you failed raise to respect others rights or to care about anyone or anything but themselves. Parents take no responsibility for the way their children turn out. Everyone and everything else is to blame, The T.V., Video games, movies, the people they hangout with, guns, etc. It's a parents job to monitor what children are exposed to and with whom they interact. The average parent spends 19 minutes a day taking care of their children. Look it up yourself. I'm sure you'll find more than one source online. This child was known the have social and mental issues that were not addressed... Single parent homes and children out of wedlock is the norm. Children being raised with little if any discipline, self-centered attitudes and being left to raise themselves and this is what you get!

    You never heard about things like this happening when children were held accountable for their actions.
    Now days, If little Johnny spits in a teachers face ,he's acting out and the teacher is to blame. When I was growing up if you did something like that you would have had your butt busted. Not only at school but, when you got home too. And everyone in your neighborhood would have known and your family would have embarrassed and ashamed. But, these day,s who cares? My sister teacher. No one can fail, period. No grades, pass or not, we have to pass them to the next grade.. We have children out there with High School diplomas who REALLY can't read or write. Just look were we rank in the world in education. Sad, Very sad!!!!!
    But, it's easy to just point at guns and say, that is reason our society and our children have become the way they are. I wish it was that simple but, it's not, it runs much deeper than that.
    Use your Reason, Logic and Accountability . Do you really think LAWS can fix what's wrong in America today?????

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    • Many things can cause some one to go crazy, or as you say "turn into a monster." A divorce or broken family. Loss of a job. Death of loved one. Yes, even a pet. A terminal illness. Yet I believe the worst cause is being constantly picked on and bullied. Day after day afraid to go to school. A getting back by hurting the ones that are hurting you. The name calling, the laughing.... That sticks and stones stuff doesn't always work out. The shooting in Columbine was an example of several kids who had enough. It is unfortunate that people were killed. Some people are mean. We have all seen this at work and and school. When some one shoots up a school or work place, we say, Why? Usually some one was pushed to the limit, with nothing to lose. Yes, the so called " straw that broke the camels back. Not in every case, but a bully can alter the way a person thinks. I am not talking about the school shooting in Conn. or the theater shooting. A normal person today could be a Monster the next day. There is no way to know. And yes sometimes it's that quiet, nice person who would not hurt anyone. Go figure.

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    • Mostly cause they are raised by LIBTARDS an people like MARCY!

    • You nailed it. Great post!

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