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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Jan 14, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    Does society need automatic weapons??

    EVERYONE needs a few rounds to protect their family and home. We need protection from all the richard specks to the kid on the tower to all the crazies out there right now. Our gov't leadership is completely braindead. They throw money at dollywood to pay for their violent, septic tank #$%$ and they want to take your guns away.

    my Dad was a hunter back in North Dakota, but unfortunately he died when i was three months old. i never shot a rifle until entering the Marine Corps in 1971. The instructors said that it was better not to have picked up bad habits along the way. We had to shoot a score of 220 out of a possible 250 to pick up the Expert Badge and that was the only one worth getting. we shot M-14's without a scope from 200 to 500 yards. Part of it was getting off ten rounds in a minute. we spent two weeks of training to get the right dope on our rifle. i shot in the 220's all week, but on qualification day shot a 219 to miss the Expert badge. It was a bummer. Luckily i had another chance a year later when i was stationed on Treasure Island, San Fran working in a small legal office. Four of us drove up to a range in northern California in Larry's 66 GTO. We used the older M-1's and again without scopes. The rifle was a little heavier, but i think it was a little more accurate at long range. i think the range record was 236 and on qualification day, i shot a 239 to get the range record and my Expert Badge. It was great.

    Do we need automatic weapons right now?? Probably not, but with crazy, lunatic people at the helm, who knows about the future....

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    • Essentially, any semi-auto sold in the USA has to have the receiver design modified so that it cannot be converted to selective fire without machining work done to the relevant parts (Like drilling the sear pin hole in an AR receiver, for example). Very few people in the US go to the effort to own a full auto firearm. The firearms on the market are SEMI AUTOMATIC firearms requiring a trigger pull every time the shooter wants to send lead down range.

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