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  • jack.b841 jack.b841 Jan 16, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

    Who would be in charge taking back the country

    Many gun owners with their assault weapons talk of taking the country back if pushed in the corner. How is that going to work? Just wondering. Does everyone just quit work and drive around with AR's? But.....who would be in charge??? I'm thinkin' it would be funnier than any cartoon ever made. Super duty fords and Z-71's with overweight guys in bow hunting camo, wheezing with cigarettes in their mouths, yelling, Im in charge, no i am. No your not he is. Ah,Ah, I am. Wait, Wait lets stop for more beer. No. Im in charge,and hungry, go through the drive in at Mac Donald's.......Oh, #$%$ they aren't open. Lets just break into this store, we are in charge! Kinda like years ago when there was a fire and the firemen were all hanging off the back of the truck. All half dressed, some fat,some skinny, some short, some tall.. Oh,Oh my truck is empty and the gas stations are shut down. Whats that over there?? The military with ......... SHEET!!!!!!!.... Gonna Take over the country? Hmm. Hmm......let me now how the cluster fruck works out...........Sorry got alot of sleep last night,just got up.

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    • While you enjoy life in one of obozos gun free shitcargo projects. lol.

    • Well, Jack, who tends to spew racist and other divisive and incoherent rhetoric, it would be the free people; those not bound to any politician for the mere fact they are reliant on the government for their food stamps and who will not, under any circumstance, take personal responsibility and get a job. Who knows, Jack, who agitates for the sake of agitating and lacks any foundation of facts in his posts, it may be you who helps bring this country back into a nation of laws and mutual respect.

      PS: Did you cover yet? gl

    • Even if this were the case, it would be better to have rank idiots running the show than outright crooks which we currently have.

    • No body knows who is in charge now so whats the big deal!

    • Wow! You are a hater. As you attempt to belittle anyone who does not think like you.

      What's worse is that you support government officials that are taking advantage of you. Yet you talk as though you are on a high horse while most likely being the dumbest guy in whatever room you are in.

      Do you know that the government is now taking the Federal workers pension fund to support their spending? Bet you didn't know that. And I bet you are not bright enough to know what kind of an indicator that is. Regardless of how you feel about public employees.

      Oh well, keep spouting your ignorance. It's almost comical to listen to you cheer lead the hangman while you are standing on the gallows with a rope around your neck. Just be happy that there are people in this county willing to stand up for your right to be ignorant.

      How would and uprising happen? Who knows. And hopefully it will never come to that. But to know that there are people like you who are afraid of the right law abiding peoples ability to defend themselves is revealing. You are one of the ignorant crowd that ignores history and puts their faith in people who are taking advantage of you.

      If the public is armed, we can avoid the many instances in history that you have so ignorantly ignored. Study up stoolie.

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