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  • forupray forupray Jan 18, 2013 8:30 PM Flag

    weapons that you just cannot have.............

    I don't know why,but you cannot have a hand grenade, mortar,Rail gun, cannon, bazooka, flame thrower, RPG,Claymore, sidewinder,sparrow or a bouncing betty. But the line has to be drawn some where due to irresponsible gun owners killing people with them. It is everyone that has a voice on this important topic, not just gun owners. It sure looks like assault weapons will be added to this list. There is a reason the above mentioned are illegal.........And yes, when all is said and done.You will still have your guns.There will be no Civil War.No prying guns from dead fingers. And no there will be no impeachment,no matter how you looney it up.

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    • When all is said and done there won't be a ban on semi automatic rifles It would be political suicide as the result would be only criminals would have them. Confiscation from law abiding citizens would be next to impossible. In fact, it would be downright looney!

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      • Semi-automatic rifles.....what about semi-automatic pistols? I'm not entirely certain that that idiot Cuomo in NY didn't just ban all semi-automatic pistols, since they are defining assault weapons as needing only one of Dianne Feinstein's previous AWB features instead of two, and one of the features just happens to be a PISTOL GRIP. So how does that not ban all semi auto pistols? Registration will be required,and on a frequent basis, for weapons that are grandfathered in. I believe they can be passed on to an immediate family member without a background check. Feinstein's new bill that Obama is proposing for consideration would not even allow them to be passed on, they have to be surrendered upon death.

    • I suppose you think the fact that the 2nd Amendment doesn't specifically preclude those "arms" means that it isn't worth the paper it's printed on. It's too bad they weren't precognitive and couldn't have known what technological developments would be made. Most people have accepted the ban on fully automatic weapons, and hopefully there will not come a time when that will ever be regretted.

      The thing is, if we allow a trumped up "assault weapon" definition to be applied to semi-automatic weapons of their own choosing, because of features that are of "military style", then obviously they are greasing the skids for all semi-automatic weapons to be banned further down the line. That is something that CANNOT be allowed, and for that reason the line must be drawn here.

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