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  • ancicht ancicht Jan 24, 2013 10:47 AM Flag

    Rand Paul

    Hit the nail on the head,,,DOD should handle security for embassy's in high threat area's like Libya,,,,This really wasn't rocket science,,,after the attempted assassination of the British ambassador, the Brits pulled their people along with the Red Cross,,,Our people should have never been there,,,absolute incompetance got 4 Americans killed and no heads rolled for it,,,,,Rand Paul and Clintons exchange was the only segment of the hearing that was worth listening to...

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    • None of the whether or not there was WMD matters anyway,,,if you recall,,after the Persian Gulf war,when Bush the elder kicked Saddam out of Kuwait,,,there was a cease fire agreement,,,not a peace treaty,,,That means a war footing for both sides is still in effect,,,,When one of the parties does not abide by the cease fire agreement,,the war may resume....Saddam fired on our recon aircraft on almost a daily basis thus violating the cease fire agreement,,,Bush was on completely legal footing to invade after that,,,Bush only went to the U.N to get as much support as he could,,,he didn't need anyones permission to invade....

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    • Do yourself a favor and google " Iraq war resolution",,,you will find that 81 democrats in the house of Rep's and 30 democrats in the Senate voted in favor of allowing George Bush to use military force to invade Iraq,,,,Hillary Clinton included,,,,,Actually many prominent Democrats voted for it,,,,Maybe you just forgot that part,,,right?.....

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      • No one forgot. They were all lied to about the weapons of mass destruction. Bush and Chaney lied. Simple as that. 81 dems. in the house and 30 dems in the senate took those liars for their word......Perhaps you forgot that part,,,right?.... Those two basterds should be charged with war crimes for the lives they cost. And don't try to talk about drones or Hillary..I am talking about Iraq.

      • And GW should have been impeached for the lies that were used to justify the Iraq vote and the war, there were no WMDs it was all a bunch of bull chits. GW and company were told repeatedly that there were no WMD prior to the war. The Iraq WMD programs were terminated in the early 1990's, Cheney and Rumsfeld just wanted to go back in and finish what was started by Bush I and with GW's help used lies to justify it, George's own father, GH, told him not to go in. So yeah the Democrats were conned and should have been held responsible for their votes and those responsible for the lies should have been prosecuted, one slight problem the same people who lied were the ones responsible for the enforcing the truth so of course nothing happened other than billions of tax payer's dollars were wasted along with the lives of thousands of soldiers.

      • chancellor_of_the_exchequer chancellor_of_the_exchequer Jan 24, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

        Democrats and Republicans both share in blame. You might remember Vietnam. 50,000 American soldiers were killed and multiples of that number seriously wounded. Now the commies have the whole country---north and south. Question: Is the national security of the United States any worse now than it was before the commies got the whole enchilada? I am not a Rand Paul fan nor was I enchanted by his father. However, once in a great while they made noises which had some genuine value. We have not figured certain things out---most of the countries in the Middle East have residents who were taught from birth to hate the United States and to hate Christians. That is still going on and cannot be changed any time within the next several generations, if at all. With regard to our embassies and consulates in those countries, we should assume that they are subject to attack at any time by masses of people who have been inculcated with the fundamental core belief that the United States is the "Great Satan." Until we learn that basic truth, we will continue to see tragedies such as happened at Benghazi.

    • How many of our soldiers (THOUSANDS) were killed by Bush/Chaney with their incompetence? Weapons of mass destruction, my as. Bush is a murderer! Paul Rand??? a wanna be

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      • how many kids has bho droned to death? The only salient issue with Libya at this point: Did the POTUS purposefully lie to the American people? Is Al Qaeda on their heels? no. Are they decimated? no. Did a video spur the assassination of an ambassador? no. Did bho lie to protect his sole foreign policy victory by getting bin laden? sure appears that way. But blame Bush, if it makes you feel better about voting for a marxist president to destroy the Republic. I swear, you liberals are so absent reality, it comes as no surprise you need the govt to take care of you.

        Rand made a fair and proper argument. If your employee sucks at his/her job, can him/her.

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