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  • dem274 dem274 Jan 25, 2013 4:01 PM Flag

    zorroml gun control would have protected these kids

    I know if everybody lived in a jail this would not have happened either, maybe Marcy one day we can monitor every person moves, track every transaction, monitor stress emotions like brain waves, if you get a spike in alpha waves, a police patrol car will be sent to arrest the guy. One day this dream of total human control will be a possibility, and the only person who can legally kill is your gov. we all know it's different if the presidents kill 10 kids with a drone, somehow its morally better, and totally justifiable to do so. They know so much better than us and I have been wrong all this time. I do believe now. It's another man who grants you rights. Rights to speak, rights to be secure, and the biggest right they give you, the right to remain silent and never question the leader's motives or agenda. You are right Marcy, only if the other serfs can see your compassion, maybe one day, we can all be happy knowing everybody is safe, and that only GOV will tell you what to say and when to say it. Never mind, they are criminals and mafia which use emotional people like yourself to spread their lies. They use you Marcy, while you spout about red herrings, the rich bankers will print and steal more wealth this year; they control you Marcy; they use you. You're there tool. Divide and conquer. They hide the fact the a private rich group prints the money for this country. If we printed the money Marcy, there would be free schooling for all without debt and without taxes. 100 percent of your tax money goes to this rich private group of banksters Marcy, not one dime goes to social programs. Gov can print its own money with put paying interest to its self, that means there would be no national debt, if you create the money, and don't owe it to anybody. How can debt be built up silly rabbit? You're a tool who drunk the kool aid; you have no rights Marcy these corprate bankers stole them from you, there will never be equality Marcy, because you are born to serve them, the private banker who hijacked the sovereignty of each person.

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