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  • jennam0677 jennam0677 Jan 26, 2013 5:57 AM Flag

    ask a bagger a question and all they do is call you


    The AR15 is a semi-automatic rifle which means the trigger has to be pulled each time a shot is fired. An "assault weapon", which is a manufactured term used to confuse, guide and scare idiots into a specific line of thinking, has selective fire capability that allows the user to switch between fully automatic and short 3 round bursts of fire. The AR15 isn't an "assault weapon". Never was and never will be. Period.

    If you bothered to do any research before you posted you would know this and know that civilians cannot legally own your so called "assault weapon". Since you're lazy and want other people to tell you what you should be thinking don't act so surprised when you get insulted. Obama, Biden and Feinstein thrive on people like you because they know you're easily tethered around and capable of being duped.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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