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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Feb 5, 2013 7:42 AM Flag

    Shorties waiting for a huge downtick from gun "bans" will be sorely disappointed.

    The NRA bleat for more armed uniforms in school is hardly outlandish to someone who grew up with such presence. "Officer Joe" was welcome. It isn't how much base of fire one or two guards can lay down, it is the mollifying effect of having someone on the spot and in uniform.

    The downticks now are headline oriented, for Americans who think the President is a dictator or has any control over, well, anything. Especially the economy, which is like having the biggest fish in the ocean capable of dictating the tides of the ocean. The ocean doesn't care, and the fish just stinks.

    America will not be disarmed. Idiotic statements like those coming from "Buckshot" Biden, who never met a scattergun shotgroup he actually saw through, rile me. If the cocking of a shotgun is supposed to put fear in an attacker's head, why wouldn't the presence of uniformed guards provide a similar visual punch?

    The 2nd Amendment made sense then, and makes sense now. Mucking around the edges of it is like trying not to get a little bit pregnant. It won't work, and we'll be saddled with something we don't want for decades.

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    • It is "old news". Members of congress have already publicly conceeded that a ban on any guns has no chance of passing, so the legislation that they eventually vote on (if ever) will not contain anything about banning any kind of weapon. Probably not even high cap magazines. So if shorts are betting on gun bans, they have already lost. My guess is that the big hedge funds are #$%$ their pants trying to find a way to exit the short positions without being totally slaughtered.

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