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  • llllorac llllorac Feb 6, 2013 4:16 PM Flag

    SWHC presents at Cohen tomorrow

    I'm looking for surprises to the upside. Backlog has to be up significantly as NICS data is up significantly year over year and used sporting rifle prices have gone through the roof since the Sandy Hook disaster. Add to that the discussion of possible passage of a national ban of high capacity clips. Gun legislation now appears highly unlikely but so-called paranoid 2nd amendment advocates now don't seem so paranoid anymore. It is apparent to everyone now that if you want a certain weapon you better buy it while it is available. Add to all this the continued denial by bleeding heart liberals that inner city social decay and the mentally ill just being turned out into society have anything to do with the problem. Lets get rid of cars, not drunk drivers too. I loved the way Ted Nugent tore idiot left winger Piers Morgan a new one. I had the distinct feeling Piers was intimidated by Nugent. He didn't have the usual cockiness. The Brit mamas boy was way out of his league discussing guns with Ted...You can bet that Piers has armed body guards with him at all times. Hypocrite. .... RGR is also a buy here.

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    • Classic. Ted definitely put Piers in his place. He called it straight when he told him "I've been monitoring your gun debates... go ahead and take it to the bank that you will never understand... you are obsessed with guns".

      Piers knows he has a good thing going with his ratings as he takes on the gun debate.

    • and they indicated that they may provide forward looking statements. I'm betting on some short covering early tomorrow. I just hope that SWHC doesn't show all of their hand. Maybe just 2 aces...before they show the last 3 cards on earnings day. RGR in a couple of weeks will make for a wild time in the next month for these two stocks. I'm looking soooo forward to getting this started.

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