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  • jrperg jrperg Mar 23, 2013 9:34 AM Flag

    datbehardwork... so you admit you are not long and daytrade the stock?

    and you have the nerve to question my comments? your funny my comments are at least honest as to the movements of this stock... why pump it it it cant perform? have a nice day and good luck daytrading.

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    • I do daytrade. I don't play with pretend money like you.
      I told you straight up when I sold and haven't got back in.
      I think I am unbiased here, and you really have no real knowledge of any stock fundementals.
      Nothing personal, just my opinion. Don't go away mad. We're all here to make money, but don't think I'm not going to respond to ignorant post.

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      • i WOULD SUGGEST SELLING NOW OR BUYING SOME PUTS ASAP. My opinion is management has an acquisition in mind and it will hurt the stock in the short term, though if it is a smart acquisition it will eventually pay off in a higher stock price. Personally, I would like to see them buy a large ammo manufacturer.
        For future info...NEVER buy into earnings. Greed and Fear will quickly deplete your portfolio. Know when to take a 10% loss rather than a 40% bath. Aother thing that any good trader does is to put in a trailing stop, either physically or mentally and stick to it. No exceptions.

      • why? because i was a fool to buy into great earnings..... when companies selloff with a good earnings report, the stock is manipulated garbage. my fault and should have known better.

      • jr, I am posting my opinions, good and bad. I am pumping nothing. I have posted good opinions as well as bad opinions on the stock. Trading stocks is my hobby, as well as my livelyhood. I had traded this in a taxable account, but am winding that account down as I don't trust the Govt. (see Cyprus) Iam stuck with my IRA account until I reach 59.5 and can withdraw with no penalty. And withdraw I will, at the fastest rate I can. I want none of my assets in the reaches of any Govt.

        I post both sides of owning (or not) as It's better for retail investors to know the truth rather than be caught up in hype.

        My question to you would be why are you dissing the stock when you are underwater $5,000.00 on it?

      • excellent... acually i own 5300@ 10.27 why are you pumping a stock you have no faith in? swhc is made up of holders or daytraders like yourself. thats why its 9.00 swhc needs institutional buying not retail blow hards like yourself.

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