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  • rockwoodpaul1 Mar 29, 2013 3:35 AM Flag

    The many reasons to ignore datbehardwork aka jrperg aka datbehadwork...

    He says, "This stock is gonna go down to 5. Basically a penny stock." Really? How stupid can he be. Maybe he should go write drivel for The Motley Fool. He'd fit right in.

    He is on here all day long bashing away yet still denies having a short position. He ignores fundamentals hoping others will too. He makes up these ridiculous stories about SWHC and how they intend to illegally screw over shareholders via some complex insider trading scam and how the shelf can only hurt them.

    When this stock goes back to trading on fundamentals I sure as hell would not want to be on the other side, HIS SIDE, shorting this stock. When that happens I bet you never hear from that fool again.

    *He's even said in the past that fundamentals mean nothing. Yeah, that's the kind of person I want to follow in the stock market. That guy sounds real smart to me.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I get suspicious with these "new IDs'" that are days old. Then they are on here all the time, being such experts. LoL, and bash those who are Underwater, when they themselves are stuck at well over $10.00. That cracks me up. But, they are the experts...lmao !!!

    • I snatched up 4200 shares today at 8.99. Total shares holding 8000 for a total average of 9.18/sh. If it gets below 8.50, I plan to double my share count. Smith is getting insanely cheap and it's getting too hard not to pass up. On the datbe note, we know he is not among the common hard working American. When he's not sleeping, he's on the net spouting gibberish claiming to be a protector of other investors. His rants rely entirely on the absolute stupidity of new investors that he believes exists. Anyone who confuses a shelf registration with an SPO, is absolutely stupid. Anyone who can read the definition of the two knows they are not the same thing, but he continues to lie big and lie often.

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