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  • datbehadwork datbehadwork Apr 17, 2013 8:59 AM Flag

    Goober management of SWHC just been Out-Smarted by Cerubus. Told you.

    SWHC is no match for Cerubus and Hedge Fund Insiders. Notice the VERY UNUSUAL break-up fee, et, al??....They're gining Fienburg a free ride to jack up the bid to any starting price he wants with absolutely NO PENALTY if he backs out. Too funny SWHC is either going to OVERPAY or Lose out. Only 2 Choices they have.

    Titans vs. Pink Stock Directors folks......see the show, right here. C'mon break-up fee!!...see the show!!

    Cerberus has also designed other measures to make sure the auction is fair if Feinberg decides to bid, the source said. If another buyer bids 10 percent or more above the stalking horse bid, Feinberg would be forced to drop out of the auction, the source said.

    (This is where SWHC Dummies won't read between the Lines)......There also would not be any break-up fee or other expenses paid by the company if Feinberg's bid is topped by another party, the source added.

    (Where did he work???)..............Feinberg worked at investment banks Drexel Burnham Lambert and Gruntal & Co before co-founding Cerberus in 1992 along with William Richter. Cerberus has more than $20 billion under management.

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    • Now we see how much over fair price the Goobers do pay. LOL
      This is gonna be funny!!

      Stephen Feinberg has scrapped a bid for the maker of the Bushmaster rifle, which his private equity firm, Cerberus Capital Management LP, put up for a sale after one of its guns was used in the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting in December, a person familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

      Freedom Group's AR-15 type Bushmaster rifle was used in the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, where 20 children and six adults were killed. Soon after the shootings, Cerberus said it would look for a buyer and hired investment bank Lazard Ltd to help sell the business.

      Cerberus CEO Feinberg decided to put together a consortium to make a stalking horse offer for Freedom Group in order to spur competition, people familiar with the matter told Reuters in April.

      Feinberg no longer sees the need to make an offer for the gun company, because Freedom Group is in dialogue with a number of industry players, as well as financial investors, and he views the sale process as robust, the person said on Wednesday.

      No deal has been agreed to and talks with the potential buyers are ongoing, the person added.

      SMITH Looking To Be the sucker to end up with overpaying.

    • OBV???......does it EVEN MATTER?.....of course not. Share price and Secondary placement will determine the $7.00 range.

    • Give me anything but a S&W AR-15 and I will lay off telling truth about management.

    • I can just see the Chaos going on at HQ as these dummies try and figure this all out. the 3 stooges!

    • Goobers at SWHC are mad as heck with me as I have alerted Newbies on what they are going to do to screw them over. (no)equity_360 take the stairs out of the basement and tell Gorden I will take 20 AR's, but not Smiths to stop posting the truth.
      See what they say. I'm sure they can get some Troys or Daniels for me. Tll them I won't take their garbage though.

    • If there was unbridled interest in the acquisition there would be no need for the stalking horse ploy. This is a sign of a desperate organization which is looking to divest themselves of a toxic asset. Of course there's no break-up fee - they can't get a decent offer in any event. And it's "Cerberus" not "Cerubus"; the multi-headed guardian of Hades. If you did your homework you'd know that.

      Yet again, dat, you are all hat and no cattle.

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      • Funny, I know what Cerberus is and what it stands you can hit me for my misspelling; but the bigger issue is I have been dead right on this stock and you bag holders will nit-pick anything I do wrong.
        One of my last post before leaving CONUS last week was for bagholders to enjoy short term dead cat bounce. But of course sheeple can't understand so they hold and it drops 8% again, which I said it would do.

        I am also saying the Bushmaster sale, however it works out, will be to the detriment of SWHC bagholders.
        Of course, if you had done your homework and read my post you'd have protected yourself; which you obviusly didn't do, thus you are back in mid $8's waiting for hammer to drop on your sacrimonious head.

        Any misspellings here?......I don't really care. Tell me the stock price.

    • equity_360 now wants to sound authorative on Cerubus.
      2 hours ago he clueless. Beware ignorant posters:

      equity_360 equity_360 • 2 hours 36 minutes ago
      A very strange press release. Why?

      •to introduce a competitive bidder?

      •to take the pressure off the other Freedom Assets?

      Puzzling. It was done with a purpose and the timing on the eve of legislation failure is no coincidence.

    • Cerubus paid $90 million for Bushmaster.
      SWHC will pay $250 Million to Cerubus for Bushmaster.
      Nice return for 4 years of work.

      SWHC sat there and was buying Fence companies for $135 million; trying to be Titans of Industry, but just proved that they were really just Pink Sheet managers that couldn't punch their way out of a paper bag.

    • chancellor_of_the_exchequer chancellor_of_the_exchequer Apr 17, 2013 9:47 AM Flag

      Data: we had a post about this a little while ago wherein I mentioned that Cerberus might be having problems getting bids for Freedom Group. Now, Feinberg comes in as a stalking horse bidder in order to attempt to generate bids. That probably would not be needed if there was a big interest by the market in buying Freedom Group. Cerberus made the public announcement that it needed to sell Freedom Group, thereby making the mistake of signalling that they are doing this involuntarily---the equivalent of a fire sale. What that means is that Ceberus is desperate and needs the artifice of a stalking horse bidder to help it out. SWHC is wise to sit back. At some point, since Cerberus is publicly commited to selling Freedom Group, the stalking horse ploy will fail and the price will not be the result of a bidding war. To the contrary, it will be low, due to Cerberus' mistake of announcing a need to sell.

      SWHC is doing quite well without Freedom Group. Bushmaster might be a plus, but it is not essential to SWHC. I think it is best to wait until the dust settles. If the price is right, a purchase may be in order. If not, let the handguns keep on coming.

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      • I laid this all out for you guys almost a month ago....there is no declared winner yet. There are no problems yet. Cerubus is just putting Bushmaster up for sale.....Duh, what about all the "OTHER" firearms they own???......this is no fire-sale. Cerubus is big enough to hold off pension funds with; "We're trying to sell...look, we put Bushmaster up for sale".

        Bottome line; SWHC, and by extension, the bagholders will be played the Patsies here.

        Told you a while back, yet you guys didn't hear because of "sand in ear" conditions.

      • The chancellor is correct. Bidders for Bushmaster have their particular reasons for bidding low, and I doubt that any artifice (a good phrase here) would make them bid higher. I am actually happy to see that swhc wasn't the WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER here.

        Cerberus may have all the other assets (Marlin and Remington) sold at this point. Financing for those acquisitions would be easy, but Bushmaster unfortunately is sort of a poison pill.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You are confused. The lack of a break up fee would be against feinberg and is good only for Cerberus. Break up fees are often superfluous and deter value from the seller AND the ulitmate buyer. The lack of breakup fee here shows good faith and impartiality here. If feinberg gets outbid, he gets no compensation. You are simply ginnining up nothing out of nothing. With your flawed logic, it would be in everyones favor if Feinberg WERE to walk away with a hefty breakup fee after only being outbid by 1.1%. I am sure that would make sense to you. remember, dummy, break-up fees are paid to the stalking horse and come right out of the seller and winning bidders pockets, NOT the stalking horse.\\

      you just mad because an answer is coming soon.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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