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  • southshoretrader southshoretrader Apr 25, 2013 7:23 PM Flag

    No Doubt - Confirmed By Earnings

    This is only the beginning of a long overdue run. Math never ever lies. Even corrupt Wall St. cannot suppress facts. One network is so pathetically biased they actually have a clock to bash the AR-15!!. Sales are confirmed at two corresponding stocks today. The Journal got it right. Now the wimp "analyst's" have to upgrade. Which of course being paid corrupt hacks they didn't last quarter. The Socialist doctrine is to manufacture fake outrage over bs causes. This bill died in a DEMOCRATIC majority Senate! New York and California are losing their grip on propaganda. That's why the NYT and these propaganda outlets have plummeting readerships and ratings.

    Its been fun watching Socialists like doomberg (he's not even worth proper spelling or grammar) have meltdowns when they get caught in blatant lies.

    One last thing, before the sign on. this evening, meaning before my ignore list was operating. I noticed the troll basher jdirt try to comically bash OLN's report. jdirt, IF YOUR GOING TO BE A PAID BASHER PLEASE LEARN HOW TO SPELL --- GUID-ANCE not GUID-ENCE. So for the new folks that's what your reading. Place dat idiot and jdirt - who are the same, on ignore. Troll basement dwelling bots get paid even when you reply to them on your own posts.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • A very nice post indeed. I agree you cannot fight the math over long term. Thing is, this stalk is so undervalued at 9 pe and 1x sales. Its going to pass up Ruger in performance actually, but it's ratios are exactly 1/2 of ruger's. Now lay on top of that all the short covering pressure.

      Another funny thing. The shirt theory was based on expected regulation, now it's based on some theory that guns last a long time. The wall streeters know nothing about the intrigue of firearms. One is never enough. And just when you have enough, something interesting comes up.

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