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  • dobermangang42 dobermangang42 May 1, 2013 9:57 AM Flag

    RGR passes on Freedom Group assets - CEO expects it to be grossly overvalued

    SWHC should pass as well. The valuations for the assets are probably ridiculously high. They should stay focused on what they are doing now and not buy any new assets. If Freedom Group really wanted to sell their stuff cheap, it would have been sold by now. Just say no.

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    • I think you are right. Freedom tried to sell and couldn't. I don't think SWHC is going to bid at all on the Freedom assets, even a piece of them, and here is why. Freedom took the unusual step of establishing a stalking horse bid and a conflict referee so they could sell the assets to an 'associated party'. They would not have done so if there were buyers with bids in hand. A selling party should not have to undertake such an effort unless there were NO BIDDERS at an acceptable price. Cerberus is acknowledging publicly that a price was not achieved. They still promised a divestiture, so the assets will go to an affiliate.

      SWHC would do the stockholders a big favor by announcing their lack of interest on the sale - and maybe even cancel the s3. I think swhc would rocket 50% in a day.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • DAT is going to say:
      They can't. Michael Golden (EX_CEO and now Primary Board Director) wants to go down like a Jack Welch of GE fame.
      He tried twice with 2 disastrous aquisitions, but has now filed for a whopping $250 MILLION Secondary to once again try and make a name for himself.

      Do a search for his two books, one 14 pages, one 17 pages.

      It really is quite embarassing

      • 1 Reply to pow_51_qo
      • Dat does say this:
        pow_51/equity_360 has been giving excuses and probabilities for almost 2 months. He has been wrong EVERY SINGLE TME and Dat thinks pow/equity is either a paid pumper or just p[lain stupid. One or the other. No in-betweens.

        Meanwhile stock has dropped 20% since DAT sold and told everyone why. Results count., not just making things up and posting on a Yahoo board like you know what you're doing; as you and lbFOOLman are clueless when it comes to actually making money. And that's the bottom line.

        So, Who is smart, who is stupid?

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