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  • rjpurg59 rjpurg59 May 26, 2013 9:28 AM Flag

    pumpers wont admit huge gun sales are only temporary... but wall st. knows it

    wall st. has it all priced in..... this is why the gun run on stocks has ended. volume tells you this.

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    • in the july/august edition of American handgunner, an individual wrote in and was asking "where's the ammo"?? their response is very interesting and true... basically, the ammo shortage in the u.s. has been created by us, the the gun owning, ammo buying public.. we get scared and we buy every thing in sight.. guns, ammo... well now there are plenty of guns on the shelf for sale but no ammo for them... or should I say the ammo you see for them have been priced 4 or 5 times the price it was... if from what they say, the ammo situation will take at least another year to hopefully return to normal, will most people have spent their gun money on ammo for what guns they have in the meantime?? leaving them with no money to buy other guns they may want..

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      • Did they ignore the obvious reasons why people are afraid in the article? Most notable is the ammo buying actions of the Dept. of Homeland Security, which may be morphing into America's version of the Gestapo. What are they preparing for.......massive civil unrest and martial law?

        These fears will continue to pump the gun buying engine. Anything that adds to distrust of government, like the recent scandal regarding corruption in the IRS where they are abusing their authority to target individuals and groups for political advantage. This HAD to have come from the top, even if it was a vague directive, such as "do what you have to do".

      • their advice was to take a deep breath and slow down on the ammo hoarding... most all stores I know have limits now on how many boxes of ammo a person can buy there in one day... which I thought was #$%$ in the beginning but now think is a great idea...

    • 60 day avg. volume is up 36% for SWHC compared to same 60 days last year.

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