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  • mccraigslist100 mccraigslist100 Jul 18, 2013 12:33 PM Flag

    Serious Questions for Datbehardwork (not joking, serious) I just want to know your motives

    Are you related to a victim of gun violence? I noticed you said the gun bubble popped and all you do is bash this stock. Check your posts since April and you don't post on other boards, why is that? Are you long or short any other stocks? You called me a new poster/poser not sure which one you meant. Why have you only posted on this board? There is no way you spend so much time on here without some sort of serious motive. If none of those questions are relative, is it just because you have a large short position with SWHC? Again I want to know if you are long/short anything else because you only post on this message board, and that's since April.

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    • I've already explained this. Not going to do it for the 10th time.
      On second thought, I will , if you tell me all about yourself and if you're a victim of anything besides your gullibility issues, which is obvious since you believe all what equity_360 and his aliases spew out, without doing any due dilligence.

      p.s. I have something called a "smart-phone". These new fangled devices allow you to communicate no matter where you're at, so the concept of me sitting at a computer all day awaiting you to post is a bit arcane. Though I do check the board if I'm actively trading, as I don't like to do much of that (trading) via my phone.

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      • I don't make investment decisions based on other posters input, but I do ask questions to see what others think. I make decisions based on my DD.

        I'll tell you about myself, but these are just random facts that might be relative to why I'm here. I don't really believe you'll answer my questions even if I tell you about myself, but I like learning about other people so I'll give it a shot.

        I worked for Merrill for some time, and now I invest for myself. I didn't like the fees we charged our clients so I decided to give it up. I don't really trade anymore because I want to invest for the long term. With SWHC I believe it will drop back to 10 within the next couple of months, but it will still climb in the long run.

        I don't short stocks. You saw my post about Tesla. I don't think it should be anywhere near it's share price right now, but everyone seems to want in on it so I can't short it. You called me a new poster/poser(still not sure which one you meant) and said I don't know much about options and what not. I know all about options and trading. Like I said I worked for Merrill. Anything else you want to know?

        Like I said I don't believe you will answer my posts to my satisfaction, but whatever, it's worth a try for me to share.

    • I think he actually works for swhc. Swhc needs the price low to keep buying back shares. so, dat works for golden.

    • Also, even if you firmly believe what you are posting here, why in the world do you not post on any other message boards than this one?

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