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  • llllorac llllorac Nov 8, 2013 1:13 PM Flag

    I left a message on SWHC Investors Relations answering machine.....

    In so many words...."heh, wake up.....RGR wants to dance" if they will listen to me.....also left one on RGRs machine suggestiing they plant a seed with big institutional holders of SWHC......there are plenty of us who would be better off if RGR were to take SWHC over with their higher valued stock...even if certain board members are happy with their "stock option bonanza"....... $15 or even more would be accretive to RGR and the merger would likely cause RGR stock to go up as well ...getting SWHC out from under the control of "certain" board members would be worth $2 all by'm not the brightest bulb on the tree and I've figured this out....where the hell are all these Ivy League quants making 8 figure salaries chisselling tenths of cents here and there flash trading for their hedge fund clients....this deal could capture 40-50% over night.....I want a "shotgun wedding".....

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    • No kiddin. The institutions are holding huge pieces of swhc. Huge pieces. Like ten funds own 40% or some such number. The old man at vanguard has to be on the line to debney and Golem telling them to get moving.

      Those funds have been in a long time, and a few only 5-6 months. But they won't want to see swhc slide back to the$7-8 range which is what will happen when sales taper back. If swhc undertakes another acquisition, that will be the end of it for them. The company shouldn't take on more debt and the acquisitions are too high priced per Fifer.

      Plain and simple, the jackoff management at swhc would #$%$ up buying a big mac.

    • While I agree that rgr would be a good husband to the superslutswhc, naughty wayward wimmin don't go along with common sense. All this talk however will make swhc management think (perhaps fast) about selling. The entrenched swhc board may want to preserve some position and not be made serfs to the allwise Fifer. In which case, they might elope with some equity fund to keep their position.

      All in all, the Ruger matchup would be good for both businesses and the industry. I for one am waiting for the Ruger Branded M&P.

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