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  • puzzled48 puzzled48 Mar 11, 2014 7:36 PM Flag

    S+W Investor Presentation for 3/12/14

    Today's 8-K filing shows the powerpoint slides for tomorrow's presentation.

    We can learn:
    (1) NSSF adj NICS for February 2014 were 1,264,010. This information is not public information yet, but it was published on the Ruger board by vncaa who subscribes to NSSF data feed.

    (2)Q4 estimated revenues of $178.7 million roughly equal to 2012Q4 adjusted for Walther

    (3)diluted EPS for Q4 of 37-40 cents/share slightly down from 2013Q4 of 44 cents/share continuing ops

    (4)S+W will not lose sales because of California microstamping law because will still be able to sell California compliant

    (5)Statistics galore presented about new shooters, women shooters---from these stats we can figure out how many new women shooters, how many new shooters, there are....Source for this info is evidently NSSF data feed.

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    • Unfortunately, I wasn't able to figure out how many new shooters and how many women shooters there are, because the stats given by S&W only give us percentages, and I couldn't find NSSF data showing total number of shooters in the US (note shooters doesn't equal gun owners). I would love to put my hands on that data, so if anyone has it, please share it.

      The more telling stat from NSSF, IMO, is that "90% of survey respondents who own a handgun own multiple firearms; the average number of firearms owned by those respondents was 8.1", which appears to indicate that the vast majority of guns is owned and purchased by gun enthusiasts, and 98.6% of guns is owned by people who own multiple guns and only 1.4% of guns is owned by single-gun owners.

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      • From the NYT:

        It is difficult to pinpoint how many gun owners in the United States are women — the federal government does not break down background checks by demographic, and most manufacturers do not release information on sales. But Peggy Tartaro, the editor of Women and Guns magazine, a nonprofit publication of the Second Amendment Foundation, said she had found estimates varying from 12 million to 17 million.

    • Hey puzzled-

      I'm confused by (4) because no pistols are exempt from the CA roster scheme to get all semi auto pistols off the market. Have you looked at the roster list on the CA DOJ website? There are no S&W pistols that do not have a date where they will expire from the roster. They're gonna be dropping off like flies, just like Ruger's.

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