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  • libertee4all libertee4all May 3, 2014 2:51 PM Flag

    "Smart gun" is stupid idea....

    It's just another 'back door' gun control (read elimination) tactic by the Bamaberg coalition. A gun that needs a "watch" to fire. Brilliant...It will go nowhere...but the idea of it will remind people it's"time" to buy real guns that fire by squeezing the trigger.... Speaking of squeezing...SWHC shorts probably got a slew of margin call letters in today's mail...

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    • Motley fool resorting to plagiarism? lol

    • Smart gun technology is THE MOST idiotic idea every floated unless you're a progressive slime ball with a hard on for disarming law abiding citizens and protecting your precious criminals chosen profession. The idiots that came up with this fantasy obviously never had the coherent thought of a life and death situation where a LEO needed to use another LEO's weapon to prevent himself from being killed.

      Smart guns are for stupid people who feel the need to be victims.

    • BTW .. your VZ post on T ? ... their cust ser. may not be any.better - I've had many issues (6 yrs) that you have to catch them on to get small refunds.
      I didn't sign up for "text" but was receiving them anyway, but never returning any.
      It took a while to realize I was being charged for them. They explained "it was a courtesy" to let them thru .. yet charged me (go figure ?)
      Other problems started when I signed up for their "One Bill Plan" due to 3 accounts. That was a big mess

      It's a dang shame but ya gotta watch them all

    • I was deleting some older saved e-mail news clips - I ran across one about the "CA. Teachers Union 401-K's" warning them ... "Do You Know What Investments Stocks Are In Your 401-K" , it was about Smith & Wesson investments in some of their plans .. (so funny :-}

      Yep, if it ain't "hands-on 100% mechanical", I don't want it - as a matter of fact I just picked up a (C&R) CZ52 in nice condition (7.62 X 25). Are you familiar with those necked down Rifle/Pistol Cartridges :-)

      BTW, please forgive one of those thumbs-downs from the T board, your leanings hadn't been posted at that time - (I'm holding T & VZ)

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