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  • rharris1975a rharris1975a May 5, 2014 9:02 PM Flag

    hillary 2016

    A liberal fellow I know believes that hillary, if she runs for president in 2016, will win by a landslide. A few things he said make sense, that the conservatives have lost the female vote due to their stance on abortion, and they've lost the Latino vote due to their stance on immigration, and thus, they've already lost.

    It was disconcerting to see obama win so easily in 2012, though by sheer votes it was romney with about 52 million votes and obama with some 55 million votes. Though those numbers are not accurate they are close enough for the purpose of this post.

    Anyway, does anybody care to speculate on hillary's chances for winning the presidential election in 2016?

    To all who believe hillary is a rancid you know what, if you need actual demonstrable proof, simply go to youtube, and in the search bar type these words: hillary clinton I'm the secretary of state

    The utterly abominable behavior of this wretch was incredible. That somebody occupying one of the highest offices of the United States of America, in front of the international press, on a world stage, could throw such a disgraceful tantrum is just incredible. Naturally not one liberal I know believes she behaved disgracefully in any way. Oh well.

    Just what America needs for a president, a high strung **tchy wretch for president who is going to throw a tantrum when she's convened at a meeting of world figures and one of them asks her a question that offends her ego.

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    • Benghazi will destroy her. Imagine a tv ad showing the 4 soldiers with their families, then shows 4 caskets , then shows Hilary saying "what difference does it make". If Republicans can find a candidate who isn't extreme right and they play hardball with the ads, Hillary won't have a snowballs chance.

    • See my earlier comments today . . . it's a done deal for the next 8 years; if anyone here can't see this, I have a bridge in Brooklyn with your name on it. So from my point of view, gun sales will remain strong for a long time to come, absent the 2nd A being taken . . . and that certainly remains an ever present threat

    • If Hillary wins: Gun sales will go thru the roof....the thing that riles me the most is that without the "you like your plan" lie...the Benghazi lie.... the IRS targeting lie...Romney would have won the election IMHO . I believe Obama's second term is predicated on lies. As far as Hillary goes, we have apparently forgotten that Bill Clinton was impeached...and he would be the new co-president. ... Now he's a national monument again. She was up to her ears in the Benghazi mess but banged her head and left town until she could just resign her position without ever answering a question about what really happened in Benghazi....I'll tell you what happened , those terrorists were armed by us...they were given the arms to overthrow Muammar Gadaffi... That was the Big Lie... Obamas foreign policy is a total failure. He is in way over his head and his administration is run by 20 something liberal arts majors who know how to get out the Dem vote and nothing else. ... ..but as Hillary said, "what difference does it make"...You are right however that it's more that the Republicans are losing elections not the Dems winning them. Romney was too nice a guy...we needed an attack dog to go after Bamas shortcomings...he was too polite....looking forward, as you said, immigration policy by execute order, the pro choice issue, other exaggerated women discrimination issues will make it difficult for the Republicans to win again. Conservatives better get it together before the country is beyond repair.

    • Better yet search Hillary Clinton and Watergate.

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