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  • libertee4all libertee4all May 7, 2014 10:24 PM Flag

    "The Art of Bubbles, how Sotheby's predicts world markets"... it... A Picasso went for $31.5 mil today beating est of 14-18 mil...(admittedly a Monet sold under est)... But it reminded me of what was going through my mind at several collector car auctions in Scottsdale this past winter...: things were looking pretty frothy to me when I was seeing pretty normal looking Ferraris fetching 5 mil and up....of course normal and Ferrari used in the same sentence is an oxymoron of sorts....But it is anecdotal evidence that our Fed has been flooding the economy with money and artificially keeping interest rates at zero in an effort to prop up the real estate market and make the stock and bond markets more attractive than they would otherwise be. While this doesn't have allot to do with how well SWHC is executing their game, it has everything to do with the "stadium" they are playing in. Jim Grant was interviewed on CNBC today... He again laid out a convincing case that our Fed is responsible for manipulating our "free markets" and that it will all end badly...Rick Santelli, CNBC commentator and long time bond trader on the CBOE pretty much thinks the same thing. I've advised using caution before ...take it with a grain of salt anyway.

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    • You might have changed your name, but not your stripes. If you trade the stock market, its good advice, if you trade a market of stocks, its average advice. I like swhc because its a strong company, growing, good earnings and undervalued. On that i own it.

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      • It wasn't intended as advice on Swhc. It was a comment on my dissatisfaction with how our Fed is trying to manipulate the markets, and what I believe could be the consequence of such. I'm not the only one who believes so. Are you saying you believe the Fed isn't doing that or that they are but it doesn't matter to Swhc? I'm not sure I get your message other than to have observed over time that if I or anyone writes anything other than SWHC is "undervalued", you seem to take personal offense to it. I'm not your enemy. I think Swhc is a great company as you do. I'm just pointing out reasons it's not remotely a perfect market environment out there. All IMHO......I think this board provides more value sharing opinions about issues that are pertinent to those who are interested in SWHC, not just being a pep rally.

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