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  • chickenlittleprofit chickenlittleprofit Sep 12, 2008 6:02 AM Flag

    What you think the take over price will be? (Poll not for Shorties)

    BOA will give 1/8th of share of BOA for each share of Lehman and that is a great deal for a company that is worth 0 at this point

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    • This BAC buyout is the best scenario for LEH. And I think BAC will buy LEH because this will make of BAC the NO.1!! For BAC this deal is a gift from heaven.
      Remember that a lot of big companies are interested to buy and if there are more than 2 buyers the bid price will go up. This is the simple Law of Ask and Demand.
      The deal has to happen before the FED meeting on SEP.15 so the Market gets into a bearisch sentiment and will accept easy (without drop) the FED unchanged rate. Everyone wins on the LEH-play, except the Shorties :)))