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    • It is basically the 25B reduction I am trying to figure out if it fit as part of the investment in affiliates.

    • That's what I am trying to figure out..I'm not sure but there is possibility because it is about Bonds. It is just difficult to figure because it shows as a reduction in liability instedad of increse in asset. I have to understand the mechanics in A/l.

    • Where does the 48 billion owed to Wilmington Trust fit in? Just curious.

    • To be honest Kimmy, My level of confidence in this recovery is above my neck. I even predicted that common will have something. But of course i could be wrong.

    • I hope you're right about the recovery. I think it would be positive for the market in general as well as the Lehman holders.

    • Yes, I'm aware that the availability is low at the current bid, but there is nothing to prevent an investor from paying the ask and acquiring a significant number of shares. If someone wished to acquire a large number then all that needs to be done is to pay the increased ask as the price rises. If you had certain knowledge that the CTS would recover at least ten cents on the dollar you would be a fool not to pay two or three times the current ask to acquire shares. It is this lack of certain knowledge that is keeping the price low and preventing this from being an investment rather than a gamble. The lack of certainty is the missing piece of the puzzle. For the record, I have a very small position in LEHLQ.

    • where are the big players that comb the markets for distressed assets. ????? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      My speculation is some are there and taking advantage of the low pps as well. You have to wet your own feet to understand what I really mean. The OS for the Trusts is very small in quantity and most people who owned it payed the full price of it. Most of them will not sell their shares in today's price of a few cents. The available in the market at the present price is almost nothing. The playing field is so tiny for the big players to play. But I said..It is my speculation.

    • so, sixfoot, i read your post on ihub and do you still think that the ct's, pref's and commons will be cancelled or only the commons cancelled and the ct's and pref's get a little, like maybe 10-20 cents on the dollar? also, iguess there is still the possiblity of receiving 1 lousy share in the new company, Lamco...what do you think?

    • Yes, that could be an explaination. The 65 billion figure seems to be the one that continues to be used in press releases and we both know that the figure of 250+ billion is more reasonable and more likely to be accurate. So with this knowledge that the gap between A/L is very close to being balanced where are the big players that comb the markets for distressed assets. A rough guess on the value of the CTS using current numbers is a least 30 cents on the dollar. Even so, buying is very very light in dollar volume and the price has gone no where. I am not saying the money isn't there. Markets and individual stocks can be priced very inefficently. If this is the case there is still a fortune to be made here. But I continue to look for that missing piece of the puzzle to explain the low price per share of CTS.

    • Anything is possible Kimmmy, I may be wrong but the reason I'm assumming a large recovery is because Investment in affiliates should be the leverage of negotiation with the 52B Inter-company claim that was canceled. And that is also my reason that the recovery was done but not yet disclosed at this time.

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