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  • cabogordon cabogordon May 15, 2009 10:17 AM Flag

    TA: linear regression

    on the daily chart which is the most important when trading a lower volume stock finally showed selling reside and buyers coming in, 3 yellow volume sticks , nothing heavy, but buyers. maybe some short covering mixed in. useing Linear regression we are poping back over it or near it on a nice yellow candle / NO tail which we need. No hammer which would be a true sign of a reversal, however there is a little doji at the end of yesterday another sign on a reversal pattern , yet without huge volume its always harder to put to much greedance on. what is encouraging is macd is now turning up , yet still way below 0 line. there alot of wokr that needs to be done down here. the relative strenth index is SO low it can't go down anymore ( .16 ) only other stock trading that low is CLX which is a buy and on my screens right now as well. as always Volume is king on the buy side . I'm hoping that the bottom is in / looks to be would not be here otherwise. regarding the fundementals can someone give me a deep insight into companies prospects as well cash flow, balance sheet and growth story ? always helps to have both sides of the story. my take is cutting div might now be good for funds, but strenthening a balance sheet during these times is smart and justified. NG is a going to come back BIG.. wait till Obama gets behind it. 3 is bottom , yet when NG popped EROC was still going down, YIKES. yet debt looks mananagble. good luck , sorry about typo's. hope this helps. god bless and remember character counts.

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    • clarity... regarding LR... poping up over bottom bracket set at 65/1

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      • Good analysis. One important point to remember is that EROC could have paid a hefty distribution this quarter, based on their cash flow, but chose not to in order to be conservative and pay down debt instead. But the cash that we should have gotten will still accrue as "arrearages" and will supposedly be made up to shareholders somewhere down the line, once EROC feels secure in their debt situation and commodity prices have risen sufficiently. That's a lot of money coming to whomever holds the stock at that point. My guess is the stock price won't wait till that happens, but will anticipate it well in advance as NG prices rise.

        At this point, EROC is money in the bank.

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